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Portal with RTX Reaction


I have mixed feelings about it. I think Portal was a very contemporary game that Valve decided to incorporate as back story for their game's universe. In Half-Life the secret `Black Mesa` laboratory open a portal to invading aliens, in Portal they introduce Black Mesa's competitor Aperture Science as a former company that was taken over by a malicious artificial intelligence. I think the game had something like 19 puzzles with the latter of the puzzles being much longer. The game is not worth replaying, it is like Super Mario 64 without the NPCs, the puzzles drag out, and there is an overwhelming sadness that never goes away.

Valve has been pushing for newer technology in their video games instead of reproaching previous success, a quality over quantity which is different from what made the Steam store so successful. For a company that talked so much about controllers I am surprised they are not selling different sized variety packs. Supporting RTX is not something I see as feasibly reasonable, game systems typically max out around 60 frames per seconds in most games, I think Portal should be running at over a hundred. Most of what video games offer is an enhancement to the imagination, ray tracing does not hinder that, being able to see light react from the environment is more of an authentic simulation. What ray tracing hinders though is projected audience, price point, type of software that powers the game and the hardware it supports is based around making a visual experience that is not related to the human interaction, seriously limiting the audience.


  1. I think Portal and Half-Life should have `iterations` with modified, improved campaigns. When games age there tends to be certain aspects that are recognized by the community as being inferior to the rest of the game, the whole experience would be improved if those area were instead seen as being better than the rest of the game.

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