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1930's Earth


there is a change in imagery between all the data from the 1930's to 1985, and the data from 1986 onward, less accurate color display for the earlier images comparably. We would have to send satellites into space with the old imaging equipment, along with newer imaging equipment to calibrate correction algorithms to get a clearer view of our past earth.


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Aborting CNN

CNN " She was fed up with anti-abortion protesters, so she broadcast them on TikTok " This is what CNN has come to. The description is  An abortion clinic escort in Nebraska looks out for bombs to keep patients entering the building safe. See how she's using TikTok to confront the pro-life protesters surrounding the clinic. Source: CNN Let us identify their narrative here. They cite a statistic that from the over 3,000 abortion clinics we have had since 1977 there has been 11 murders targeting abortion clinics. They are directing the entire "debate" of abortion as a measure against violence. At one point they show the lady yelling over a leaf blower on TikTok about how she is going to clean the place up. She wears flare deciminating people who do not agree with aborting human fetuses still attached to their mothers as "Larrys."