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Model X Body

  I think it should look a lot different. It should have a more narrow front, be two door. A rear cabin in the middle, the rear of the body should go inward. I want more fuel efficiency, and a taller cabin in the front. The wind shield should go down lower in a rounded shape. The front normally has a shifter in the middle, cup holders the rear would be a lot more narrow. I think it would be a lot less battery use in comparison, if it was targeting a 200 mile range it could be substantially cheaper. If I wanted to invest in personal vehicular transportation I would rather have two self driving vehicles instead of one. But if I could just have one vehicle where the wheels can stand the call up like 18 inches off the ground... From like a cost risk perspective I do not think it to be responsible to have that much money invested dependent on a life of a set of particular batteries. Vehicle buyers should be able to go through an entire life of a vehicle and have it recycled. advertising sol

Captured Soldier REACTION

  Acute meth withdrawal symptoms can include: 3 Fatigue. Anxiety. Irritability. Lack of energy. Weight gain. Dehydration. Chills. Insomnia followed by hyper-somnia (sleeping too much). Dysphoria (low mood) could progress to clinical depression and suicidal thoughts. The inability to think clearly. Anhedonia (loss of ability to feel pleasure). Withdrawing from others. Drug cravings. These are people suffering from something acute to meth withdrawals and want to touch something. I would not think it positive to give them any affirmation, a sense of freedom at that point. I do not trust this person's statement on his motivation for joining the Russian army, I think that they did show him how to disassemble a rifle. I would have to send him to a `work community` that is not car dependent and I think his standard of living would probably be above most Europeans at that point.

Genetically Altered Monkey Inspiration

  if you scroll to 3:45 I think it is pretty close to how you would expect some tribal monkeys to be communicating over like a radio broadcast after the end of star wars 6. this is how I want the monkeys to be communicating but in a constructed language. I understand that dogs may not understand the same type of grammatical system as a monkey would, I am targeting the committed type of monkeys though. When you develop a constructed language you have to also account for how a communities create dialects.

Snowden's First Official Russian Prayer

    a little stability will make a difference for my family. I pray for privacy for them—and for us all.  this is a world without money. The last I heard he was like a Jeff Goldbloom type spiritual. The guy just got Russian citizenship. Disagreeing with Ed is entering into a legal fiction debate. When J. Edgar Hoover initiated previously prohibited tactics, they were illegal. History regarded his overstep though as necessary, what the states truly needed to deal with immediate concerns. What offends me is that it is suppose to be above politics, a laundry list of bullshit to dissuade public opinion, only backed by an adversary brings to question purpose. If I have to be locked in a room with someone who owns a gun I am not really concerned if he knows my phone number but I could definitely see how that could develop into something worse.


  all of this is going under water, when it does it is going to pollute the ocean for a long time to come. The tall buildings also attract people to sinking real estate. If I cared about the long term interests of Florida, would want to dissuade people out of the area and prepare for rising sea levels with proper demolition.

Public Domain

  surreal I do not like the use of scarecrows everything is just going groovy right then apparently looks like the damn circus took over the waterways the atmosphere sounds like another world that you would have to wear a spacesuit for


 tl;dr I think the Legion laptop from Lenovo is really good because the screen does not extend over the base of the laptop when the screen is up very thin laptop this is what they have under their thin and lightweight line, all the laptops have the screen that extend over the base this was one that was like $750 but they put a giant graphics processing unit inside a mobile laptop. The legion performs similar but it would be producing less heat when it comes to making laptops that thin the main thing people should assume is that bottom is going to heat up undesirably. I think Lenovo is a reputable brand, I presume they would make one as good as the competition or a bit better but I would presume that the design is fundamentally flawed, that it should be thicker with a giant heat-sink, potentially ten times the battery.

What If Scenario

  there is a forest full of genetically altered warrior monkeys armed with real guns, you were thinking about taking the territory but now you have another situation on deck.

Overreach, outcompeting Nuclear

Anwar al-Awlaki   Civil liberties advocates have described the incident as "an extrajudicial execution" that breached al-Awlaki's constitutional right to due process , including a trial . [10] That is a crime.

`Third Person` Perspective Game Genre

 From watching Banjo Kazooie or a game like Conker's Bad Fur Day something I think the controls for a platform style game can drastically be improved upon. Fundamentally movement is the primary appropriate response to joystick input. A lot of video games is speed. What the primary goals of developing a better third person camera is predictive input, like in a real time strategy game you can set your moves and watch it happen in real time.

Next Generation Face Mask

Looking at the face masks on Amazon How do you eat?? So traditionally people think, oh I am going to go into a really cold environment you need to line your body with like a heating device, WRONG. One would layer up enough to where you have to air condition something resembling a space suit.

Continuing Ed - With Edward Snowden

  The CIA is Not Your Friend I just came back from jail and the only e-mail in my Vivaldi account is this continuing Ed with Edward Snowden. artistic, sensational “Better that right counsels be known to enemies than that the evil secrets of tyrants should be concealed from the citizens. They who can treat secretly of the affairs of a nation have it absolutely under their authority; and as they plot against the enemy in time of war, so do they against the citizens in time of peace.” Flanked by the uniformed icons of his military and standing atop a  Leni Riefenstahl  stage, the leader clenched his fists to illustrate seizing the future from the forces of “fear, division, and darkness.” The words falling from the teleprompter ran rich with the language of violence, a “dagger at the throat” emerging from the “shadow of lies.” “What’s happening in our country,” the President said, “is not normal.” Is he wrong to think that? The question the speech intended to raise—the one lost in the unin

Federal Correctional Administration

  That lighting at the top has electricity going to it. I want the federal government to replace the cover on everyone of them and replace it with some Asada. Asada can actually calculate a lot of the inhumane treatment automatically given the information they just collected. We can actually get more complex with their genome and figure out the appropriate nutritional complexity. My guess is that they waste money feeding people bullshit. They put a complaint hotline right outside when you get out of jail, some pictures get better with age. If they are going to xray one's entire body having to personally show officers one's dick should be unnecessary.

When Soldiers Stop Showing Up

  this is the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare, apparently there is a massive update that is going to drop where you can see the people on the screen and then they get shot with like a keyboard stroke (or automated if you trust software.) Once the distinction from dropping grenades to shooting rounds (massive software challenge) people are going to act like Valhalla closed their gates and we have to cuddle our Assassin's Creed collection.

Putin's Call

  "the west is no longer hiding" before they started this shit the RT comments were filled with whatever you call people plotting systemic genocide and I told them this was going to in with automated ballistics and them in tears. They had no good responses, there ethos is basically that they are allowed to beat up poor kids while being short and stupid as fuck. Guerrilla behavior, moron. "In it's aggressive anti-Russian policy" nigger declared a war and thinks we all have to hide under our most representative king, get the new Assassin's Creed story in our free time. "We hear constant threats against our country, AND OUR PEOPLE" he don't care about them other niggers though. "These acts of terror" he was really hoping NATO would supply the automated killer drone I was talking about so this nigger could dirty bomb his way to free real estate.

Portal with RTX Reaction

  I have mixed feelings about it. I think Portal was a very contemporary game that Valve decided to incorporate as back story for their game's universe. In Half-Life the secret `Black Mesa` laboratory open a portal to invading aliens, in Portal they introduce Black Mesa's competitor Aperture Science as a former company that was taken over by a malicious artificial intelligence. I think the game had something like 19 puzzles with the latter of the puzzles being much longer. The game is not worth replaying, it is like Super Mario 64 without the NPCs, the puzzles drag out, and there is an overwhelming sadness that never goes away. Valve has been pushing for newer technology in their video games instead of reproaching previous success, a quality over quantity which is different from what made the Steam store so successful. For a company that talked so much about controllers I am surprised they are not selling different sized variety packs. Supporting RTX is not something I see as f

Repeatitive Automation

 Those truck drivers are going down the same paths continuously, one person should be able to operate this entire operation using an Xbox controller, allowing an enhanced view for excavators than otherwise possible.


  I have not installed Coqui yet but it looks very promising. Text to speech normally requires proprietary Google technology, or Microsoft or Apple. I think this sounds good for KingsHouse. The first audio clip from the English part 9:26 'tacotron2' is a great sounding voice for Asada on the Tomate operating system. I hope to let it respond to multiple things, like turn on the lights, what time is it, and what's the weather all in one go.

Beaver Foreclosing

  walls on the both sides of this road, I do not want the noise disturbing birds pursuit of survival. a lot of people in the community might be wondering if this real estate was worth 20 beaver communities I think once people can find an alternative to parking big fucking cars in San Diego we can really open up our beaver highway. free parking  the beavers will rise again  

1930's Earth

  there is a change in imagery between all the data from the 1930's to 1985, and the data from 1986 onward, less accurate color display for the earlier images comparably. We would have to send satellites into space with the old imaging equipment, along with newer imaging equipment to calibrate correction algorithms to get a clearer view of our past earth.

Revisiting the Civil War - NBCNews

  DeSantis is a White Supremacist Southerner - NBCNews The title is actually ` OPINION DeSantis has doubled down on a scheme rooted in white supremacy ' you could click the link and have the title changed, it is a way to soften their race bating, you have to get the race bate directly from NBC if you forward it, it will appear less direct. The article says that DeSantis is 'rooted' in white supremacy talking about `dumping migrants on northern progressive cities.` `Republican governors have been doing this as a way to protest what they claim are insufficient federal efforts to ensure security on the southern border.` Maybe you should just build a wall against all the confederate states.  It is cynical point-scoring against whom they see as woke liberals being soft on immigration — a “gotcha” moment. they sent the niggers to Liberia I would not call them soft on immigration.  The migrants were kindly greeted on Martha’s Vineyard and received Covid-19 tests, food, clothing an

Child Safety & Apple

  so in this scenario, Apple has detected pornography being sent to a child and they start them off with a decision making process that involves friendly emojis. they put asterisks around a lot of stuff and it is to tell us that these features are for NATO only.

Martha's Vineyard

  These migrants had plans to be in a house and have a job, not be in a continuum of care. So when they get there it is an empty parking lot. DeSantis used this exploitation to talk about how he likes how Florida taxes are set up. 

End Game

  I am not knocking Taco Bell here I am just pointing out what living in a car dependent community results in. So basically you have your "just enough profit to expand" fast food chains, McDonalds, Wendys, Taco Bell, and they strategically plan what property taxes to pay and the civilians encompassing the area will ultimately stumble upon. The building is inaccessible to pedestrians, this is an android community only if you are not in a robot with a smart phone one might as well be considered a charity case, I guess one can stand in the road act like they pay car insurance. The cost of road infrastructure is tremendous, I am surprised that none one community in the United States had an alternate idea. If you look up "communities without streets" the top search results are about living in the wilderness, people think that the ability to go to school, the grocery store, is entirely dependent on having a thousand pound motorized vehicle to keep us 'safe.' I am

Tomate OS Update!

GitLab Tomate OS will be powered by the Limon project which is powered by Cosmic which is a collection of other algorithms. I think I am going to make progress kind of fast on Limon next few weeks. I have a lot of plans for Tomate, I think Pirate Ship Wars is not going to be some tech demo I am making the best game, holds replay value. home screen resembling Kindle calculator astrology calculator (sunrise, sunset, more) faux text messenger notes application social media application (faux, mainly to present characters) Tomate OS should pop up on the KingHouse GitLab in a fortnight or so depending on Limon progress. I do not expect Limon to ever be considered complete, a full HTML5 remake is out of question but I can definitely do DOM manipulation techniques in Limon. I would point out to people thinking of doing something similar of this project on Zig.  A proper Tomate would be a Wayland display manager but realistically the user would have a better experience just having a shell on XF

Beavers of San Diego

  this is a screenshot of San Diego, Tijuana. I would consider it an environmental, and a civil engineering catastrophe crippled by an unrelenting denial of the future. I just want to make a beaver habitat. I think I saw this place in Red Dead Redemption with a little bit more nitrogen in the soil. This needs to be absorbing the pollution. People just get use to whatever level of bullshit they accept from one day to another. San Diego has one of the best climates in the world and California looks like some baby boom dreamers designed their lifestyle. Mexico looks like garbage that people just leave their fences at from here

Pirate Ship Wars, Winter Survival Bundles

Pirate Ship Wars is coming with VOIP, `alternate` phone numbers. Winter Survival I want to offer an `alternate` email service. By alternate I mean that the phone numbers do not reach the outer world, nor do the emails. I expect it to be hosting a fully working phone system, and a fully working email service for paying customers. I have not determined price yet but I am thinking 40 dollars for each game, so 80 dollars for both, maybe. It might 50, 100 if I am thinking the game is really good. The VOIP service should work on mobile, and desktop browsers, along with the email service.


 I looked it up and one of these wheelchairs cost 38 thousand dollars. I think going up the stairs looked really sketchy. The ability to raise the chair up adds a lot of purpose to the chair.  I can see these wheelchairs going just under 26 miles per hour on a sidewalk. It should be possible to electrify something like a sidewalk, with utilities under ground next to it, utility access areas underground. Vacuum garbage tubes should be a possibility. Aligning the wheelchairs on a grid, having 8 rails going across the walkway, the wheelchair can automatically change rails, allowing railed transportation to navigate pedestrian traffic. At that point it is no longer a sidewalk, it becomes a mainwalk. The wheelchair should be able to connect to the local network monitoring pedestrian traffic for self-driving.


  this guy has FIVE drones lined up resembling sharks with like over 25 portraits of himself.

halt all assistance to United States

 this is how our government felt about us after the Iraq war. Israel evicts peoples from their houses, way different.