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UPS Battery Powered Bicycles


the seat position is trying to make a bicycle into a car I think that is fundamentally wrong, the mirrors are not large enough. The bicycle probably weighs 650~ pounds full weight with the person on it. I think it is obviously a huge improvement. I think crash safety wise the obvious crash test for this would be to run an Elk full speed into every side of it, the vehicle is vulnerable to side collisions. If you are going to change the seat position from what a road bicycle is suppose to be it should not be as vulnerable to Elk collisions. I would want the seat position to be as high up as I could get it with my legs as free as possible. There should be a handle bar to grab onto.

The wheels are super tiny it is essentially an electric skateboard with pedal assist.


  1. electric skateboards are the most energy efficient mean of transportation that I know of


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