Time Magazine, From Praising Hitler To Trump

 Time NFL Lawsuit

the title is literally like "NFL fights Trump's Bullying" and literally opens up to someone threatening the President with physical violence over statements made. The lawsuit was about monopolistic practices among media companies, using your search engine to get information on this you can see an INCREDIBLE amount of bias on this particular matter.

Trump started making waves about moving to the USFL schedule to the fall and taking on the NFL directly. Such a strategy didn’t make much sense. After its inaugural season, the USFL wasn’t a proven commodity. The NFL, not to mention the college and even high school games that captured the attention of millions of fans, would surely crush another pro league, many USFL owners and executives worried. Trump didn’t push the fall move because it was in the best interests of the USFL.

Literally pathetic reporting, from Google to Time to the Guardian. Most of these liberals start writing defamatory comments and then try to dull out any liability by making their articles unreadable and boring. 

You are bigger, younger, and stronger than I, which means I’ll have no regrets whatsoever punching you right in the mouth

 Trump plays to people's fantasies this guy is a resentful cuck


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