New Website Update!!!


Oqtane is exceptional. I am using Windows 10 now with Cairo shell developing on Visual Studio 2022 the developer experience is superb. There is no quote button in the rich text editor, but I can access the raw HTML. Javascript is still working, the CSS is using a custom font I do not like and bootstrap CSS. This website is on WebAssembly. Not even doing any coding I got a functioning website done, I have a community where users can register and start blogging, very flexible ORM.

What is next??
  • Policy page module (privacy and content)
  • Age gate module
  • Forum module
  • My alternative time system
  • Language learning modules
I am focusing on Japanese learning primarily with English, Spanish, or Dutch interfacing. I might do something for English learning for Japanese speakers as well.


  1. "But in the decades since, it is Yamaguchi, not his victim, who has become both a legend and a meme, with some members of the American far-right portraying his murder of an unarmed man as an act of heroism." is this the same Yamaguchi who declared and engaged in a "holy war" against the United States and was trying to strip human rights in Japan to enact Communism?

    1. Political careers endorsing genocide still respectable

    2. the guy literally spent his life being responsible for genocide against Chinese people and the Chinese love him

    3. I got really great ideas I just need to STOP THE COUNT


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