Hitler's Redistricting Plans RESPONSE

 The Guardian

they are talking about the government replacing buildings in an inner city and changing roads here, which is exactly what all this sentiment is about.

Hitler’s megalomaniacal project to raze much of Berlin and transform it into his global Nazi capital

Nazi stands for "National Socialist" which applies to just about every political party in the world. "his global national socialist capital"  " what do words mean language teacher?? " that they are speaking German as English slang meant to cause offending feeling. This reinvention of the English language should be phased out of schools, is paramount to Russian terrorists thinking they own the ending of our alphabet. I saw a military man on Youtube make Winnie the Pooh jokes about Xi because of his appearance like he is ready to fight the Chinese while memeing about beauty standards against them. Just because your imagineering of the German language has versed into your English slang it is offensive to put into articles. Stupidity is visible from space I am fed up.


  1. that was the intro to the whole shabang and they are riding this fucking retarded horse all pissed off

    1. I looked it up and she is a German born American living in Berlin as a German correspondent wink face


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