Virginia Father Suicide and the Mobile Family

 Virginia Father Suicide Toddler Hot Car

I think this aligns with things that society are willing to forget and repeat. I shared a video from a father who moved to the Netherlands because of how desolate the North American landscape has become after the invention of the automobile. The desolation is true, cars are not a natural part of our environment. The largest problem with the United States is lack of proper infrastructure for anything other than a privately owned automobile. That child growing up would have no independence traveling without an automobile. Automobiles create a dangerous environment for children.


  1. When you do a cost/fatality comparison with electric tricycle society I think most Americans are retarded for not being retarded

  2. I think cars single row narrow cars that do not go above 55 should be the "commuter" vehicle. Imagine a bunch of these robots replacing semi trucks, logistics are currently working on a fixed scale that creates a desolate society.


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