incredible waste I do not even know why one would want a seat in their rocket propelled armament. They have 16,000 employees and produce like a hundred jets a year. Ultimately what we are doing is delivering payload. What soldiers want is to deploy an aerial missile launcher capable of high precision damage.

safe zone - area outside of enemy influence, damage during transportation is not considered likely. In this stage the payload is delivered on ground, combustion engine vehicle.

sketched - in the air ready to delivery missiles, should be capable of withstanding 200 50 caliber rounds from a half mile away. Algorithm interprets infrared formations for possible targets. A jet fighter is not a consistent instrument for taking ground in a war, any future conflict is about attrition. Allowing the enemy to shoot at the target would work in my favor.

active - jet propelled explosive armament deploys


  1. Lock and key should move to the commercial travel space

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    1. when you compost enough of them together it resembles a Soviet collapse

  3. it takes a thousand people to maintain a jet engine I might as well burn the food supply


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