First Amendment Voided

 The first clause in the Bill of Rights states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

So why is Supreme Court Justice John Roberts enacting laws to provide public funding for religious education? This is a direct threat to our first amendment, I think that John Robert's is willingly misinterpreting the constitution, is compromised. As Sotomayor puts it "requires states in many circumstances to subsidize religious indoctrination with taxpayer dollars.” I would consider this a blatant attack on the constitution. The United States is long overdue for constitutional referendums, which are impossible to proceed when malicious actors like John Roberts, and the Republican troll caucus. The country is already in a constitutional crisis, nobody disagrees with the way our security apparatus runs but agrees with it either so we just go from election cycle to election cycle without a ruling constitutional authority it sounds like a dictatorship controlling dumb sheep of the solar system.


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