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Newsom Tells Us To Believe One's Eyes

This Supreme Court is hell bent on turning back the clock and ignoring reality. Now, they have kneecapped the federal government’s ability to tackle climate change. Today, I’m signing a $54 BILLION climate-fighting plan. CA will keep leading the way. — Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom) June 30, 2022  If you do not believe in climate change look at what Democrats did to California. Ultimately what he is arguing is that you do not have to codify law, that people are criminals for legally exercising their second amendment, and that he can override the United States federal government. His flagrant disregard for the constitution is disgusting the state of California is a bunch of criminals. He is clearly against my presidential run as I am the only candidate trying to slow down time. Who is in charge? Attorneys general are the top legal officers of their state or territory. They advise and represent their legislature and state agencies and act as the “People's Lawy

Virginia Father Suicide and the Mobile Family

  Virginia Father Suicide Toddler Hot Car I think this aligns with things that society are willing to forget and repeat. I shared a video from a father who moved to the Netherlands because of how desolate the North American landscape has become after the invention of the automobile. The desolation is true, cars are not a natural part of our environment. The largest problem with the United States is lack of proper infrastructure for anything other than a privately owned automobile. That child growing up would have no independence traveling without an automobile. Automobiles create a dangerous environment for children.

California Concealed Carry Leak

 I think that this deserves to be the largest financial mistake California has ever made. The victims of this politically driven attack on the privacy and security of it's citizens equates to attempting genocidal normalization. The attorney general responsible should spend the rest of his life in prison, the damages paid out to victims should reach an amount above a trillion dollars. This includes for the relocation of victims, and costs of potential damages from the leak. It should include programs to buy their Gaza real estate home turned prison at above market value. California's re-imagining of our constitution imposes a need for federal action, the federal government has to step in and arrest the fascists responsible. Gavin Newsom appointed the fascist attorney general, California governor Gavin Newsom is a fascist. He plans to terrorize his political opponents out of the state of California by dismantling the constitution of the United States. He should be arrested along

Florida Privacy Laws

  Source Local government in Florida are saying that privacy laws protect abortion. This is more crazy than just saying it is liberty. I am surprised they are not using the second amendment to defend abortion. What about the constitutional thing that lets you kick soldiers out of your home, we have a draft and we are in war time. The constitution of the United States says this To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States; which I interpret as the Supreme Court gets to decide laws based on what they think "liberty" is

Defense Against Anti-Tank Missile

  this shows the defense on a fuel tanker but it works on tanks better Using bamboo screens, wooden logs, and lightweight armor, the cone creates a hole in them and since there is a gap between these screens and the tank, the slug explodes in the air and the tank does not get affected. These measures are proving to be very effective for the Russian tanks to thwart the Ukrainian anti-tank measures.” This works better than a typical RPG cage. You want more horse power and it costs more fuel which on the battlefield is not what you want to be dependent on. I think mechanized infantry are subservient and depressed to have even got involved with being behind a combustible engine during a fight. I could ride a bicycle across the entire width of the Ukrainian country in two days how much of a hurry are these soldiers in? I rather see anything heavy that needs to be transported on like a low flying jet the goal is to make any war take substantially less time while not relying on mechanized inf

Survival Chaos: Devotion and the Auto-Battler Genre

 Survival Chaos is one of my favorite games right now. It is a Russian made "auto-battler", 1v1v1v1 four player free for all, each player has a base (either top, bottom, left, or right) and three lanes that spawn units. The game originally comes from Warcraft 3, and is now a DoTA 2 mod (both from American companies.) Each lane has a barracks and there is a headquarters in the middle, these buildings have three tiers of upgrades. The problem I am having is that people team up against the leading player. The game is essentially capitalism in the Soviet Union, I consistently get the lead at the start most games and the most troublesome decision is essentially choosing when to turn my main base to a tier 3. The solution I am thinking of is making a program that reads the active unit and basically plays the game for me. Thinking about it from a mathematical perspective a computer should be able to evaluate all possibilities and come up with the most successful path. This does not

Qatar Responds to Investigatory Gay Organization THEGUARDIAN

  The Guardian The Guardian this week presented the body in charge of organizing the World Cup with a series of direct questions related to LGBTQ+ fans and their concerns. The questions included whether: LGBTQ+ people would be protected by authorities if threatened because of sexuality. Articles of the Qatari penal code which outlaw “sodomy”, would be suspended during the tournament. Fans carrying rainbow flags would be allowed to take them into stadiums. The Supreme Committee would specifically welcome LGBTQ+ people as World Cup visitors.  The Guardian can not go to Qatar because beef supreme does not explicitly introduce LGBTQ math people while they demand to politicize their sexuality at any soccer event internationally.

First Man In Space REACTION

  sounds like he did not want to spread communism at the end

Electric Chicken Farm

Egg layer chickens should have scan IDs implanted so when they go to eat food it checks the network to see how much the chicken has been allocated. Chickens want more independence within a large society of well nourished chickens. A lifeguard should always be on deck with something like a Pokedex that can be pointed at any of the chickens potentially marking it for infirmary transport. Something like two hundred chickens inside a robot scraped tree house with tunnels. that red thing on its head is suppose to be up right. This chicken got the world record for flying 13 seconds overs 300 feet the length of a football field. Descended from a Red Junglefowl. Typically chickens are bred for weight leading to a trend of obese chickens, I would not want to continue a trend of anything less than healthy chickens. I think there is a return point where you make the chicken society work positively and it brings down fatalities and it actually costs less in the end. Artificial intelligence can con

Trump Climax

  And she testified that she heard a secondhand account of how Trump was so enraged at his Secret Service detail for blocking him from going to the Capitol that he lunged to the front of his presidential limo and tried to turn the wheel.   this is probably the best reality TV is ever going to get in this universe

Whoopi Goldberg Justice Thomas FOXNEWS

Fox News  I think it is sad that Whoopi is completely avoiding the actual legal argument of substantive due process and how that infringes our democracy and instead chooses to attack Thomas as a lesser citizen for his support of the constitution. These insults to SCOTUS are based on prejudices of race which are coming squarely from the party of toxic racial ideologies. They want our legal system to be based on nothing and they never see a possibility of bipartisanship because the other side knows of their discontent for sanity.

CNN Abortion

  CNN "what gives you the right to decide what a woman can do with her body?" this is the 21st century where liberal white men try to dethrone paternal anatomy. He has no claim to any fertilized eggs because that entity with independent consciousness is actually HER body according to liberal doctrine. I guess they are referring to like an ownership like this is my goldfish and I can flush it down the toilet if I choose sort of thing. He asks "are you saying that life begins at conception" this is like reading about early European history when they did not know if sex was the thing that really got women pregnant. He starts rambling "there are medical experts and blah blah that say that life does not begin at conception" what the fuck pokemon movie are you watching? He starts going on about how a woman is not actually pregnant until her embryo is fertilized and that is suppose to make his statements not be retarded. He goes on "what is it that allows yo

Terrorist Strike on Ukrainian Shopping Mall

Russian Genocide Forces have attacked a busy shopping mall in Ukraine.  The United Russian Party are attempting the deliberate genocide of the Ukrainian ethnicity, along with terrorist demands for their belongings. The genocide forces have stolen large amounts of grain, they only steal and extract oil, they are against god. Voting for whoever I think is willing to go the farthest against Russia while openly discussing my battle plans to take over terrorist occupied regions of Siberia. America is the greatest country on god's earth. We have to be more radical than we were in Afghanistan, less trusting of the civilian population. Soldiers, malicious police officers, and terrorist sympathizers are to be sent to work camps or executed. After ideologically defeating the adversary they are to receive the force of which they have tested. The enemy is an oppressed one incapable of articulating the free expression that will be delivered to the Putin militia.

Non-disposable lid for disposable bags

 I saw the original can opener and thought that it works better everyone just needed a can opener. Applying this logic to everything I think large disposable bags could have a non-disposable reusable lid that works better. Large polymer zippers are inadequate for perishable products, it is too time constraining. My potato chips stay fresh with magnets.

Kotaku "Joking" Violence Against Supreme Court

  Kotaku this is a video game website and they are having an obsessive meltdown over abortions. They are obsessing over a court because it wants authority derived from the constitution and not legal fiction. It’s never been easier to add fun avatars of friends, family members, or the ultimate, lifetime-tenured arbiters of American law to  Minecraft . And afterwards, you can have all kinds of fun with them, from going on adventures to mining for precious gems. I mean, you can really do whatever you want, even stuff like, I don’t know, slashing them with swords, impaling them on tridents, shooting them with arrows, or burying them in a deep, dark hole for as long as you like. Aren’t video games great? Liberals are literally always the problem.

Everyday Fascism

  the people they disagree with are not human beings according to this. They are phrasing an argument that the SCOTUS are preventing people from reproducing according to the Spiderman game developer. Although it is not written in their statement it is implied that bodily autonomy is not for the lesser entities, those more vulnerable and lacking sin but specifically only concerned about their control or destruction of children in the womb, that they have the right to decide when a person dies. Bungie put out a big statement condemning the ruling and in it they wrote "we support reproductive rights and liberty" meaning that liberty does not cover reproductive rights according to their own statement condemning the ruling. You are probably wondering, does this mean that you get to choose if another person gets to die and it is yes that is exactly what Bethesda has always been about. Pirate Ship Wars is expected to start multiplayer servers in 2023 under the Kings'House media

this picture of Putin

Putin grabbed his hand right before the picture

CEO of Planned Parenthood on Equality

  CNN the CEO of planned parenthood is accusing the supreme court of lying, so the Supreme Court does in fact have the power to establish arbitrary law? The chief executive officer is saying that if women can not come get abortions that citizens are not equal. As she puts it "in one state I am free and another state I am being held hostage." I think she is on drugs they want to cry about shit so these word salads come out of their mouths but they can not articulate anything when their ideals are liberal lies.

Cartoon Network Climate Change

  Cartoon Network bunch of idiots

Hellboy Movie Actor Going Off On SCOTUS




NBCNews Article Titles

  NBCNews loves to use contractions and little out of context quotes to give an emotional sentiment

Gang Signs

RT  The title is literally  Ukraine Interior Ministry adviser lauds soldier bearing ‘swastika’ then it goes to footage of a Ukrainian female soldier, bearing a swastika-like symbol. hmm he might be in the picture who knows??? why did you invade Finland again? The Russian government is guilty of genocide and I would distinguish anyone who voted for the United Russian as lesser beings, not worthy of political voice and other basic rights.

Jet Propulsion in Ballistics With Gravity Assist

So my idea is that from like 20,000 feet in the air there is an unmanned aerial bomber maybe like an airship. I basically want to attach a jet engine to a retractable tether, use the jet engine to launch ballistics and maintain the jet engine. It would dramatically reduce the cost to forcibly demolish a city where the typical military would have to use over 10,000 jet engines I could use one over a longer duration of time.


  my first reaction was that Tom needed to hear me say the N word. I go to his profile and sure enough he is law expert and his very first result is this. he "don't" fancy dickhead though any non-black person know young black people in most places not about that. I am wondering if this is part of some foreign bot-net with racial sentiments, a penis affinity. I would consider this person to be ideologically worthless, people who up-vote this have no ambition they just want to be "normal" for society (he is a bitch.) Going on YouTube watching the French defense industry expo on The Sun here is the top comment The guy has five subscribers no videos, I think it is a bot. Morons think that defense contractors are causing war, that we can choose not to go to war. This is a foreign communist mindset, to subjugate authority to a malicious entity.

Fifth Amendment Acts PSW

No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger;... this is an interesting one. That person being eaten alive by the shark constitutes a public danger. Sharks that attack people are known to repeat their actions. This shark was like three meters out of the water I think he walked there.

First Amendment Voided

  The first clause in the  Bill of Rights  states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” So why is Supreme Court Justice John Roberts enacting laws to provide public funding for religious education? This is a direct threat to our first amendment, I think that John Robert's is willingly misinterpreting the constitution, is compromised. As Sotomayor puts it " requires states in many circumstances to subsidize religious indoctrination with taxpayer dollars.” I would consider this a blatant attack on the constitution. The United States is long overdue for constitutional referendums, which are impossible to proceed when malicious actors like John Roberts, and the Republican troll caucus. The country is already in a constitutional crisis, nobody disagrees with the way our security apparatus runs but agrees with it either so we just go from election cycle to election cycle without a ruling constitutional authority it sounds like a dictatorship cont

CNN on Counting

CNN Mike Pence says no president in his lifetime has lied as often as Joe Biden. Um... Analysis by  Chris Cillizza ,  Pence: "Never in my lifetime. I said today that there has never been a time in my life where a president was more disconnected from the American people than we see today." Repeat: This back-and-forth actually happened. On planet Earth. And, as far as I can tell, it was not an attempt at parody. Let's go through some facts, shall we? 1. According to The Washington Post's Fact Checker , former President Donald Trump said 30,573 things that were either false or misleading during his four years in office. That averages out to 21 a day. Every day. For four years. And by his last year in office, Trump was saying upwards of 39 false or misleading statements a day. Pence said that Biden is disconnected which CNN took as him saying that no other President has lied as much as Trump, which is literally a lie in itself. Their facts are literally grossly exaggerate


  incredible waste I do not even know why one would want a seat in their rocket propelled armament. They have 16,000 employees and produce like a hundred jets a year. Ultimately what we are doing is delivering payload. What soldiers want is to deploy an aerial missile launcher capable of high precision damage. safe zone  - area outside of enemy influence, damage during transportation is not considered likely. In this stage the payload is delivered on ground, combustion engine vehicle. sketched - in the air ready to delivery missiles, should be capable of withstanding 200 50 caliber rounds from a half mile away. Algorithm interprets infrared formations for possible targets. A jet fighter is not a consistent instrument for taking ground in a war, any future conflict is about attrition. Allowing the enemy to shoot at the target would work in my favor. active - jet propelled explosive armament deploys

GoFundMe Defamatory Statements

  NYPost This woman made a GoFundMe filled with defamatory statements that were untrue. Her kid basically lit himself on fire in a recorded setting and they tried to make a false narrative to generate revenue. I think that if she is allowed to keep the GoFundMe money it legitimizes criminal intent on the platform. All the money should either be returned or sent to the victim of defamation.

North American Civil Engineering Undesirable Environment

  you make society into a scary desolate place and then judge other people based on your surroundings. The funny part is that the Netherlands cost even more money so in some twisted government conspiracy it costs more money to not have a car. this is what a city looks like a totally different shade of bullshit. The amount of money New York City spends on moving its garbage is literally more than the budget of a small African country. I think Amsterdam would have a lot of the same problems any city would but the foot traffic in North America is dismal, a purposeful effort to develop all natural land into a large dangerous gas station and diner.

Mildly Infuriating Chicken

  "this guy is poking at my sensitivity to chicken" top anti-racist community comments disgusting "they have not come for that specific business yet" The states highlighted are part of a cultural problem. Without doing much research I would guess people do really racist shit, there is systemic redlining and you are going to make like a mockery of interpreting history and astrology.

Headquarters Prototype

  three beds all for me. One adjustable cali king split, one tatami mat and a california king. Two desks and an eating area, the kitchen/bath in the top right.

Immune System RESEARCH

  National Library of Medicine - Mosquito Saliva Mosquito saliva alone has profound effects on the human immune system ...human hematopoietic stem cells. We used flow cytometry and multiplex cytokine bead array assays, with detailed statistical analyses, to detect small but significant variations in immune cell functions... Mosquito saliva is a complex mixture of proteins that allows the mosquito to acquire a blood meal from its host (necessary for egg maturation), by circumventing vasoconstriction, platelet aggregation, coagulation, and inflammation... The human immune system can be divided into innate (natural killer (NK) cells, neutrophils, monocytes, macrophages, mast cells, and dendritic cells) and adaptive (T and B cells) arms. Upon activation, innate immune cells release cytokines and chemokines, kill cells via cytotoxic molecules (NK cells only), and phagocytose pathogens, which aids in pathogen destruction and allows specialized cells to process antigens for presentation to T

Pirate Ship Wars Story

  RT Russians are the most crazy little snow mongols. I think the evil people should just be Russians in Japan and I am basically quoting Russia Today. Perhaps we would have Communism, if the [Soviet] Union had been preserved. But, unfortunately, the union died. Understand what I’m getting at? a spy picks this line up as he walks out of a hand job brothel I might make all the Russians speak Mongol for all I care.

Land Bridges

  I am concerned that there is not land bridges every kilometer, the current design does not work with nature. The animals seeing the train is very undesirable, the idea that you are going for a scenic ride through the jungle is incredibly selfish.

Biden Bicycle Fall REACTION

  The video is really bad, he is using bike pedals with straps on them. I thought it was a weird choice as it is slower and less safe than shoes with clips. I guess I would refer to the style of bicycle with a triangle frame as a rigid bike, the frame wont bend if you do a big jump with it. Old people should have step through frames.

Boris Johnson REACTION

  "we are on the side of the public, they are on the side of the people traffickers" "we are on the side of people depending on how they come here" basically what BoJo is saying is that we send our criminals to Rwanda, it is the place for the "people traffickers" that come into England. Personally I found nothing wrong about sending migrants to another country, what I do find wrong exporting perceived criminals to another country.

WebAssembly = The New Mobile App Standard?

We already have a ubiquitous way to send C++ or Rust code to mobile phones in a secure way it is WebAssembly. WebAssembly could be updated to be applications on both iOS/Linux. Quick diagnosis of Apple and Google are doing. Apple - unrestricted native applications Unprecedented that a proprietary computer software company is expecting application developers to remake their application specifically for less than 10% of the market. Looking at hotfix code in user interfaces on the web made for Apple devices their computers interact different across the internet. Google - Java virtual machines Android applications are generally garbage, slower to load than iOS apps. Java/Kotlin nothing more to talk about. Linux Future - WebAssembly WebAssembly would open applications faster than Android in a sandbox environment. Real programming languages instead of the Java or Apple nonsense.

Woken Up

 new world order that follows Russian rule??

Kamchatka History REACTION

  In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Westerners and other outsiders were permitted for the first time in over half a century to visit Kamchatka, one of the most mysterious regions of the former Soviet empire. Kamchatka is a 900-mile-long peninsula roughly the size of California , yet only 400,000 Soviet persons were allowed to live there, and all with special military clearances. The reason for the secrecy was Kamchatka's far eastern location: A little bit west of the Aleutian Islands, the peninsula was just far east enough to eavesdrop on the United States during the Cold War. just the right spot   While Kamchatka was shrouded in military secrecy, its animal population was left to flourish. Some of the largest grizzly bears in the world roam Kamchatka's interior, while tens of millions of salmon invade its undammed streams and rivers each summer, just as they have for thousands of years. Kamchatka is also one of five major geothermal areas in the world, making it

Free Survival Game Comparison

  this game puts you on an island with nothing but a diaper on and you are expected to just start beating dodo birds to death. 

Rwanda Migrant Crisis HALF SPEED

  if you set the playback speed to half you will notice a woman talking at normal speed two minutes in

Lavrov Reporting From Inside A Hole

  I quoted to him an official United Nations report about the Ukrainian village of Yahidne, in Chernihiv region, which states that "360 residents, including 74 children and five persons with disabilities, were forced by Russian armed forces to stay for 28 days in the basement of a school… There were no toilet facilities, water…10 older people died". "Is that fighting Nazis?" I asked. okay Lavrov how do you justify sentencing old people to die in in a prison of their own feces? "It's a great pity," Mr Lavrov said, "but international diplomats, including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the UN Secretary-General and other UN representatives, are being put under pressure by the West. And very often they're being used to amplify fake news spread by the West."   BBC It was a total mirage from his perspective because the UN security general was like and the diplomats and like the high commissioner was being under pressure

House Resolution 1123 REACTION

 titled Recognizing the Nakba and Palestinian refugees' rights. First of all this is the United States, second I do not even know where a Palestine is. This resolution is already stumbling of it's nationality. Whereas the United Nations General Assembly recommended on November 29, 1947, to partition Palestine into two states against the wishes of Palestine's majority indigenous inhabitants; Wishes do not belong in court Whereas this partition plan nevertheless provided for the ``Full protection for the rights and interests of minorities, including the protection of the linguistic, religious and ethnic rights of the peoples and respect for their cultures, and full equality of all citizens with regard to political, civil and religious matters''; I thought this was about recognizing something, who gets the protection money?? Whereas before the State of Israel declared its independence on May 14, 1948, there