S-Tier Satire

 Satire politics in the United Stated is synonymous with Jon Stewart. I think that a lot of people attempt to do like a Daily Show but fail remarkable I thought this was so bad that it became a comedy in itself.

this is where web design culminates with literary merit. This is the onion so if you think they are stupid you fell for their joke or something.

I would not let dogs in the house but when I had one I walked that bitch five miles one day.

  1. a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy.

new york city is full of disease

liberals and their shrimp references

oh boy if I need a girl that requires big dick I can hit her up on DMs after Elon unbans me from twitter


  1. johnny has to put his (he/him) in his profile name so the onion wont call him an it

  2. what is that person doing under that desk then??

  3. shrimp are not that different from cockroaches

    1. the shrimp reference might have been noting the species' ability to survive in perilous environments


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