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Mass Shooting Media


MSNBC is putting their twist on whatever they can catch the elderly off guard with. Katie concedes that she thinks this is normal.

Experts who have studied the phenomenon said the three shootings, which have left 11 people dead and 11 more wounded since Wednesday, underscore a sad fact that most of us already understand on some level — that no place is safe anymore.

“They are targeting people in places like nail salons or churches or grocery stores because they think this is where the victims will be the most vulnerable, this is where they think they will find people who won’t fight back,” Seamus McGraw, the author of “From a Taller Tower: The Rise of the American Mass Shooter,” said of the suspected shooters.

Looking at the book's description it was written by a drug user as grief porn to other drug users

We, as a nation, have become desensitized to the shock and pain in the wake of mass shootings. In the bottomless silence between gunshots, as political stalemate ensures inaction, the killing continues; the dying continues. From a Taller Tower attends to the silence that has left us empty in the aftermath of these atrocities. 

oohhh the silence. From Seamus McGraw's bio from his website (not linked) there is a picture of him inhaling some intoxicant (surprise) and is completely silent as it relates to his expertise in anything

The MSNBC article is reminiscent of a ENC1101 liberal echo chamber where the teacher has you quote liberal sources to affirm whatever opinion you can not convince people of. We are suppose to take note of Seamus McGraw's name and expertise as he is mentioned 5 paragraphs later.

“White supremacy is the garb they wrap themselves in to cover their raging sense of victimhood and narcissism,” McGraw said of the Buffalo suspect.

what creative writing

MSNBC as I consider it is an illicit actor functioning a racial agenda off of sensationalism for profit. This is how the description of his book ends

Drawing on the experiences of survivors and first responders as well as the knowledge of mental health experts, McGraw challenges the notion of the “good guy with a gun,” the idolization of guns (including his own), and the reliability of traumatized memory. 

looks like you are going to have to pay 11 dollars to some publishing company if you want to hear the start of that argument. One should notice every time liberals want to change the constitution they promote 'experts' who just write books of grief porn and shame. The same experts who think giving 6 year olds a trans talk is appropriate, same experts who segregate themselves to segregated schools so they can call it a hate crime when their school bus gets pulled over. They literally consider shame engineers like a new field of expertise.


  1. '"If your goal is to kill as many people as possible, you go where people feel safest," Lawlor said.' some fat Italian mother faints


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