History Deluded

 “You guys think Ron DeSantis is good? Amateur,” Mastriano cracked, adding: “We love you, Ron, but this is Pennsylvania. This is where the light of liberty was set in 1776, where this nation was born.”

I am making my pirate game. When I take it back to 1776 to defend my opinions I am normally just looking for laws that are not practiced anymore to arrest my opponents. People who have a sense of nationalism that extends beyond their lifetime are what I would consider to be fully retarded. A normal retarded person can only spin the things they see, feel, touch. Fully retarded people can argue about things that they have no first hand account of, with other retards who also have no first hand account, about things that do not effect them nor are capable of changing. The Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor thinks that the 'light of liberty' was set in 1776. I think we are electing living dinosaurs. The only people who think 1776 was as majestic as that is the white land owners. Personally I do not find giving out shares of a company you invest in to be that magical but we all have different opinions. This country is a business to some people.


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