Habitual Violence Full Circle

My understanding of the school shooting in Texas is that this originated from societal approval of violence. When students show up to class with bruises, when the majority of the class knows about fights taking place, that institution is no longer a school.
The shooter had a history of physically fighting with others, according to a former friend and a video obtained by CNN that depicts him repeatedly throwing punches. The former friend and classmate said Ramos sent him the video on Shapchat. He said the video, which he received more than a year ago, depicts Ramos fighting with someone else, which the former friend said was not out of the ordinary. “He would always get in fights in school,” the former classmate said, noting that he received multiple messages from Ramos that depicted fights, some in which Ramos was involved. 
Two additional former classmates told CNN the individual shown in the video is Ramos. The face of the other individual who was fighting Ramos is not visible in the video. Nadia Reyes, a high school classmate, told the Washington Post that she could remember about five times that Ramos got into fistfights in middle school and junior high. CNN has reached out to the Uvalde school district for more information, but received no response.

 After Columbine there was video that emerged showing the would be shooters walking around campus being intimidated, harassed, assaulted. I think that public education is a privilege that one should be able to lose. K through 8 should be optionally virtual, able to drop out of public and into virtual at any time. If there is a video of someone throwing a smaller kid into a garbage bin, he lost his public education rights for at least a year. If he falls behind academically online that is his parent's fault. George Bush said "no child left behind," hardly the case when people are intimidated in class.


  1. in WW2 latinos were considered white idk why CNN dropped the racial undertones

  2. the general rule of thumb is if an adult would get a year in jail the school is not doing enough


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