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  GitHub This is my pull request to EGUI. KingsHouse is going to run on EGUI, the things I am going to implement will allow it to happen. The project needs more hotkey availability, regardless of what language of keyboard you are using. I want to be able to display keyboards on EGUI, I want to be able to show all foreign keyboards in EGUI, something that is very helpful if you are learning to type using foreign language keys. There needs to be an algorithm for keyboard interpretation, display, the uses range from educational to in-game configuration, to enabling use as the majority of people in the world do not speak English.

RT Quote

“I would like to ask the US a few questions: When the US recklessly wages wars against sovereign nations and engages in ‘colored revolutions,’ what exactly are the rules?” asked Zhao. He also pointed to how the US “aggressively imposed illegal unilateral sanctions and ensnared the people of those countries,” defaulted on $1 billion in dues to the UN and $1.4 billion to peacekeeping efforts, and attempted to create an “Indo-pacific version of NATO”, which would devastate security in the region and undermine the international nuclear non-proliferation system. When the United States imposes sanctions we get together with other countries and vote on it. China has no say about who the United States chooses to business with. Talking about 2 billion dollars shows how pathetic of a security block we are dealing with, terrorists. If they won the lottery they might invade a country.  after the color revolution in Ukraine, Belarus's neighbor the elected president was poisoned by Communists.

Check One's Privilege

  on google earth on the US consulate they have a picture of these weird true or false questions the United States is asking Ethiopians such as if married women capable of being raped.

sports authority

  sound ranging on a digital watch display the idea is that when you hear a shot you can see how far away and what direction it is on a digital format. A watch is not appropriate for mapping though and it may be better to have something resembling a quarterback play book I do not think this is as good as displaying direction as on a watch. A flexible OLED display capable of maps could be attached to a gun strap. flexed that watch has to extend and bend like a straw it is up to the person to get their directional thing flat to figure out where the gun shots are coming from. The general's idea is that you put one's arms together so your left arm is curved downward a little bit, in use generally always bend the far side of the watch up while adjusting the arm to get the watch surface flat on level. This is meant to be faster than opening up the larger display.

Stationary Human Input Device Principles

 May 30th, 2022 there should be a full qwerty keyboard on the underside of the controller, what makes a stationary HID better than say a mouse and keyboard is that you can use your wrist to aim while keeping your hands in a controller position. Thomas Hansen of Florida


  I think it looks like the dark ages this looks like a flamethrower trooper in a middle of a zergling rush this is a civil war cannon slow motion. The version I implemented with an explosion script in the garry's mod pirate ship wars 2 was somewhat accurate. PSW2 introduced scripted ball bearings, smoke trails (not realistic,) kill ids and you could use it as ammo after it slowed to a certain speed. People complained about the amount of smoke and I thought that was insensible given that there should have been even more smoke and that it was suppose to linger more Restoring dignity does not equate to this in my opinion. Symbolism applied to architecture or a vanity to Texas law some sort of ill conceived thinking caused their city to look like this.

Liberals on Trial

NBCNews - Heard would have worse injuries listening to liberals explain is the craziest shit. This guy is like "if Heard wanted to make shit up she would have been bizarre and extreme" and then proceeds to go "oh ya would why would she make shit up the day before she is suppose to go on TV??" proceeded by saying that since the bed was carved with a knife, "we all know where that came from" as Johnny is seen with a knife every day. NBCNews gets its own video feed on Google. when you scroll over one you get feminist garbage. Credibility to Heard's op-ed has been dismantled beyond recognition.

Visual News

  when the submarine starts talking at 1:54 👽

S-Tier Satire

 Satire politics in the United Stated is synonymous with Jon Stewart. I think that a lot of people attempt to do like a Daily Show but fail remarkable I thought this was so bad that it became a comedy in itself. this is where web design culminates with literary merit. This is the onion so if you think they are stupid you fell for their joke or something. I would not let dogs in the house but when I had one I walked that bitch five miles one day. uh a disease in which there is a severe loss of the body's cellular immunity, greatly lowering the resistance to infection and malignancy. new york city is full of disease liberals and their shrimp references oh boy if I need a girl that requires big dick I can hit her up on DMs after Elon unbans me from twitter


Robb Elementary, Uvalde Texas scene, crashed vehicle and entrance In the future one would want this type of event to be impossible but new technology causes for preemptive preparations. The easiest structure to defend would be a triangle. All exterior doors could be locked unless opened from the inside between classes, and are capable of being locked, unlocked remotely. Windows should be pane with a metal frame, something that someone can not break and enter through. Some sort of pepper spray delivery system, something that looks like a grenade launcher but it explodes pepper spray. A drone swarm could blind and disorient an active shooter. This non-lethal weaponry should have a key lock, that also has to be allowed by local law enforcement. There should be an additional key lock that unlocks a cage containing the drones, which is not connected to the intranet but hardwired directly as to prevent a hacker without physical access from stealing the drones.

Heard Wanted To Go To Court

Habitual Violence Full Circle

My understanding of the school shooting in Texas is that this originated from societal approval of violence. When students show up to class with bruises, when the majority of the class knows about fights taking place, that institution is no longer a school. The shooter had a history of physically fighting with others, according to a former friend and a video obtained by CNN that depicts him repeatedly throwing punches. The former friend and classmate said Ramos sent him the video on Shapchat. He said the video, which he received more than a year ago, depicts Ramos fighting with someone else, which the former friend said was not out of the ordinary. “He would always get in fights in school,” the former classmate said, noting that he received multiple messages from Ramos that depicted fights, some in which Ramos was involved.  Two additional former classmates told CNN the individual shown in the video is Ramos. The face of the other individual who was fighting Ramos is not visible in th

JBMod Update

  I found some gameplay footage of Winter Survival on DailyMotion. Winter Survival was a multiplayer mod, spectators are physical birds in game. Crafting you should be able to make things like a leaf blower in the new version Scavenging People pointing at shit they do not like and playing the game entirely wrong it was meant to be a death match in cold conditions without any starting equipment, birds were meant to prevent people from hiding, a round was suppose ~12 minutes, not much more. I did not like the idea of adding things to the game to force people to fight, I thought that people might make teams in game or their own rules or whatever. Pirate Ship Wars received a lot of feedback, Winter Survival was not as successful. The project stopped when we were adding teams and a new map. I thought the project was about to take off when it was abandoned. There is not anything out like the original game would have been with teams 12 years later. People not killing each other in Winter Surv

Retiring HTML

EGUI This is it displaying and editing EasyMark I am fixing on making an entire forum using this technology. I originally wanted to support everyone to noscript users but the thought of supporting that alongside having CodeMirror or Monaco Editor is nonsense. This could effectively combine my websites and games. this is some game editor built using ImgUI which is similar to EGUI. I expect to use EGUI in my games as well. EDIT: I just found makepad Makepad Makepad DEV I am not sure how to continue just yet. I think I will focus my effort on a database for now, come back to that later.

Affirmative Action

 wake up the year is 2022 and people are still wearing suits you got to fight for your right to party. I think it looks pitiful from a distance he is standing in front of empty chairs while a guy has his legs crossed big fucking whoop. We should make these people take off their shoes for now on this is getting too aggressive we could be walking on a much softer carpet. i think we could just rip out the desks and put tatami mats down, the old way was not working

Google May 25th, 2022

 was he on team Canada???

NBCNews Triggering

NBCNews it is kind of amazing how sympathetic this reads out to attacking celebrities you do not like, inciting violence. I looked up the author and I find this article article right before she writes an op-ed about her fallen warrior she had to correct her original sensationalist headline "Florida deputy charged man covered in gasoline, cooked alive"

MSNBC Commentator Reacting To GOP Upswing

"it looks like crazy is doing good for the GOP,  they are crazy if you rape a 14 year old girl now they are going to arrest it for having an abortion I mean come on. They are crazy from Q to white replacement theory come on" GOP congressional race polls up 10% from last month

Intel Clear Linux Benchmark

  this is like the most important benchmark too, I used CentOS Steam 9 and posted on the forums and the moderator came in and belittled me for using "alpha of a beta" software, like an enforcer of misleading information. Fedora would be what he was describing CentOS Stream to be, it is no wonder that CentOS gets declared dead when IBM pays their moderators to direct them to rocky linux. This was a few months ago but it is still ridiculous that the IBM website is going to direct me to a moderator that tells me not to use CentOS, no one needs to find another forum to troll. Clear Linux runs Counter-Strike: GO and DoTA without crashing using Steam from Flathub. System is definitely more responsive and faster compared to Pop!_os. Debian based distros are all garbage, arch is not on par. Unless you are using RHEL you are running an alpha of a beta and it is not going to work. Another way to look at this is by percentage of Linux contributions, which Intel leads. You have to pay to

Use of Russian Language

  Specifically I am wondering the intent behind imaging the Cyrillic. Your name is the same name internationally that is why they put in the ( type text ) to illustrate. This would be an intent to polarize the Russian language while not being obliged to communicate to your constituents beyond your hair flip emoji Where were they radicalized? — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) May 19, 2022 Broward county? I do not know where they come up with Jews replacing Americans it sounds incorrect. I agree shouting White Lives Matter is radical and we should find out where they came up with that treason.

Making a Hot Cup of Tea

  so you probably notice my clever word play sprinkled all over my blog but on Quora they just try to reference the trigger word in a call for societal change. I saw another one that was like "will Putin's generals backfire on him" and he posts a childhood picture of Putin, some paragraphs and then he ends with "and if that happens then he will be rendered a helpless child!" oh boy we have an army of clever geniuses

CNN Amanpour speaks with Taliban deputy leader REACTION

Why would you bring a woman for this interview? I would say the interpreter speaks primitively through the translation. Repeating non-opposition is not progress,  the choice of words lacks reassurances. Something as simple as setting goals and an optimism to reach them. This is a degradation of the West I do not think it is appropriate to bring a lady into a debate field entirely occupied by men. I think the promotion of self-education is an appropriate fall back. Schools do not exist without female teachers, a website with course schedules for teachers is what you want. I want to point out that education is not a debate, it is not someones word against another. In the United States there are programs to ensure that children do not fall behind academically, "no child left behind" I think that literacy is important. Afghanistan is a country suffering from isolationism, foreign language learning should be available from a young age. The state should have a website or app for ch

Reacting to Reaction

  millennial media always needs to show signs of ADHD. Gumby and Spiderman it sounds like he is a tall character. "when I listen to pimp a butterfly I feel that is a piece of literature" closed

Game Engine Decision

 I think I made a conclusion. Fyrox is an upcoming game engine for Rust. My development environment is basically going to take a 4x3 game, put it on a 16x9 display, and the additional width is going to be Helix editor or game console. The physics engine is an oddity to me, there are Rapier, Nphysics, Salva and they are all derived from the same thing or something I am not sure Salva looks like it might work in Fyrox I need the fluid simulation. I want to add snow to Winter Survival, my initial idea is to make an additional height map based off the terrain that can be changed programmatically and the game renders it on top, walking would lower the snow level depending on the type of snow or whatever, I would have to calculate the ground on the physics engine to be between the snow and the actual ground. If you have not seen a terrain height map for video games before it is basically an image that is darkened or lightened to signify elevation. If a car drives over the snow I can paint

Justin Amash Siding With Saddam Hussein

  This was a candidate for president who calls the invasion of Iraq 'wholly unjustified' implying that he has no commitment to foreign commitments abroad, or responding to active terrorist threats against the United States. Is this how you want to take on our national security? The Libertarian party is incapable of being elected because of their immaturity on this issue. I refer to it as immaturity because of the people who perpetrate it's ignorance but at the top Justin Amash is a disgusting deceiver, a coward, and someone who would surrender American sovereignty to enemies abroad given the opportunity. His tweet before this he writes "The Defense Production Act is indefensible even when used for defense." in reference to baby formula being made by the government. He just does not want government to work it is more of a trolling status where you blame other people for not being as idealistic as you. Notice how he says nothing about himself Elon is just suppose to

Fast Food Industry

entrees Ultra Premium Steak Loaf with  avocado, tomato, onion, celery, and a pickle #17 at KFC the potato chicken bowl I think it is the #3 now crispy chicken snack wraps chicken tenders salmon herb crusted Cutting salmon you are not going to get the same weight every time but a similar weight, I think it would be better to give them a dynamically generated market value margin, so they would expect to pay within a 3 dollar margin depending on how big the fish is they pay that amount. Phone orders pay max with the profit added to the tip automatically. sides sticky rice noodles mashed potatoes bread and garlic in oil bread mixed with injera Ethiopian style drinks generic gatorade, almost clear but orange tint limeade strawberry almond milk chocolate almond milk almond milk there is a brand of almond milk I tried it is kind of expensive it has 5x as much almonds as typical almondmilk Elmswurth or something like that. Maybe 3x as many almonds as typical almond milk. I am not a big fan of

Russian Response

RT this is really going to raise the price margins Around the nose and wing leading edge, Space Shuttles would experience extremely high temperatures (>1,260°C). Therefore, a material which was advanced and could tolerate highly varying environments, from launch to re-entry, was required. Alongside NASA engineers, the  Vought Corporation , Dallas, Texas, developed RCC. A composite material, RCC is made firstly by curing pre-impregnated (with phenolic resin) graphite fabric. 

Flag Talk

 Personally I think flags are more of a thing for combat, the only use of a 'flag' by the Prophet Muhammad was a black headscarf according to Hadith. I would consider added designs to be delusions due to the symbolism that people apply to them. It being primarily an entity for battle I would presume that what ones opponent thinks of the delusion would be more important than the flag's promoters' own feelings. Nationalism is ultimately the idea of segregation by imaginary borders. Preferably international law would work in a way where you could take the underground tunnel between Korea and Japan, and ride a train from Japan all the way to Florida. People think there are too many flags in between but as a society we can phase flags out of our countries.

History Deluded

  “You guys think Ron DeSantis is good? Amateur,” Mastriano cracked, adding: “We love you, Ron, but this is Pennsylvania. This is where the light of liberty was set in 1776, where this nation was born.” I am making my pirate game. When I take it back to 1776 to defend my opinions I am normally just looking for laws that are not practiced anymore to arrest my opponents. People who have a sense of nationalism that extends beyond their lifetime are what I would consider to be fully retarded. A normal retarded person can only spin the things they see, feel, touch. Fully retarded people can argue about things that they have no first hand account of, with other retards who also have no first hand account, about things that do not effect them nor are capable of changing. The Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor thinks that the 'light of liberty' was set in 1776. I think we are electing living dinosaurs. The only people who think 1776 was as majestic as that is the white land

Ukraine Gameplay COMMENTARY

I heard from Tucker Carlson The General retweeted this gameplay From this footage in Ukraine, one would notice that the second Mig was capable of eluding the first missile by shooting flares out, I think the idea that you can trick a computer by causing an error that a human could otherwise interpret through sight is going to be outdated. The level of intelligence required to maintain tracking through visual is not even that high. It is an algorithm, once the heat signature is split into 6 flares you look at pixel by pixel, you develop an algorithm that tracks the super maneuverable pixel formation. I do not know how a missile trajectory works, how it turns or whatever. I have a hard time visualizing the engineering for a missile but I understand that the Switchblade design is good on battery power, what would take down a jet in a similar fashion to the general's method would be a Switchblade with a jet engine. Personally I find the alternatives to that to be more interesting, part

KingsHouse Viewership

  I would probably say that just over 4000 of the US views are from myself. What did I learn? That I need to visit Singapore. I think it would be a great place for food tourism but is it would still be Australian beef prices. What is missing? Spanish speakers. All the best beef comes from the Americas, there are more Spanish speakers than English. India had 4 views, Thailand 2, total void from Africa, China, Central Asia. Not one view from Norway, I am not upset but I am keeping record. My main audiences from countries that do not predominately speak English, Singapore which speaks Malay, Netherlands Dutch, France, Germany, and Russia. I think I could develop the best way to learn Japanese calligraphy, I believe my understanding of human device interfacing is superior sincerely. My web design should enable a free community of language learners to facilitate multiple languages with the ability to add non-existing languages in a format where the community can edit and view it. There has

Russia Can Not Believe What EU Is Doing To Ukraine Economy

  RT Russian armored personnel carrier (Eastern Ukraine 2022) UPDATE 12:13 FLORIDA TIME i know i am but i am not offended. FM Lavrov Military Base (Western Russia 1954)

Mass Shooting Media

  MSNBC is putting their twist on whatever they can catch the elderly off guard with. Katie concedes that she thinks this is normal. Experts who have studied the phenomenon said the three shootings, which have left 11 people dead and 11 more wounded since Wednesday, underscore a sad fact that most of us already understand on some level — that no place is safe anymore. “They are targeting people in places like nail salons or churches or grocery stores because they think this is where the victims will be the most vulnerable, this is where they think they will find people who won’t fight back,” Seamus McGraw, the author of “ From a Taller Tower: The Rise of the American Mass Shooter ,” said of the suspected shooters. Looking at the book's description it was written by a drug user as grief porn to other drug users We, as a nation, have become desensitized to the shock and pain in the wake of mass shootings. In the bottomless silence between gunshots, as political stalemate ensures inac

Kathy Barnette on Fox News

Host: A tweet in 2014 "if you love freedom, Islam must not be allowed thrive under any condition" in 2016 "Obama is a Muslim doing Muslim like things." he is not, he is a practicing Christian so any context for those tweets. Kathy: Yeah lets me just say especially in the time frame we were living in at that particular we had uh uh the Obama administration bringing in Syrian refugees at that time I was watching the former FBI director James Comey testify in front of the senate saying we can vet till the cow comes home and we wont know who these people are yet Obama... she goes on to say that at that time the time was around a night club shooting and Charlottesville someone got ran over which means the times are too turbulent for Islam to continue and Obama is a Muslim. She is running for Congress, is a Republican and fits into the Republican sphere while having a strong anti-religious Atheist anti-Semitic nationalist viewpoint speaking her Germanic language.

Police Commentary

  I am a firm believer that police should have dash cameras. I think the state of Florida is the only country without working dash cameras. I think we should put them on the roofs of cars get a 360 of the whole situation let mission control snoop in / watch the whole pursuit. This is a police canine taking down an Ohio mayor. I would advocate that government entities training animals to attack people should be illegal. I think mission control should be able to fly a drone from the roof of the vehicle at a speed that can match that of the canine resulting with less injury, trauma.

New Aircraft

  definite resolution increase, the 16x9 rectangle is exactly what I wanted


  What bothers me about this is the sensationalism, the obvious reach for profit. The insistence to use present tense, the fake love. I do not think having a rest in piece followed with a video of his body burning is a fully cognitive act but the result of fulfilling societal requests. "Our firefighters started working on patients and putting out the fire" durhh moving forward

Exploring Cognitive Memory in User Interface

  Memory is the cognitive storage or retrieval of information. Brain cognition is singular, only one stream of thoughts can be interpreted. People can have multiple streams of thoughts, particularly language learning, or programming it is easy to develop a list of things to tend to. What I am concerned with is the length of time to show an image for language learning, I have a vastly different opinion than DuoLingo. I think that an image is meant to be flashed for half a second, and the user promptly responds, as part of a broader system for language learning.

Open Source Game Development

Started an empty project for Winter Survival. We are going to figure out everything related to taking over Alaska's neighboring peninsula by force. I think the area has moderate temperature and capable of high grain yields or something maybe it is over half the length of China measured out, bigger than any individual Scandinavian country. This is a golfing expedition, par would be that Thomas is capable of doing this alone, without resupply, anything easier than that game will not be long enough. Names are slightly changed (auschwitz,) Russian social media is McK. thomas992/wintersurvival  http/github


  Russia Today Russian Media is a continuation of the holodomor, among their reason for starting Russia's deadliest conflict in history they list Cutting open the belly of a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, removing the fetus, and replacing it with a live cat, before sewing up her abdomen. Cutting open a pregnant women’s abdomen and pouring in broken glass Nailing a small child to a door okay now those are pretty wild accusations but you can trust their WORD OF MOUTH reporting The Australian with the Middle Eastern flag and Russo-Allegiance knows all about Nazi Ukraine after reading Russia Today yeah we will see how our life expediencies work out. It costs like a few thousand dollars to fedex a drone to exterminate these LARP actors. Poisoning their water or food supplies, igniting or destructing vital infrastructure is going to be our NATO response, pursuit of a Russian extinction where they will walk out of Siberia if they want to eat. In a society where murder is normali

Racist Artificial Intelligence To Effect Children

  Google is training their artificial intelligence using these skin tones. Their goal is 'image equity' where they manipulate search engine results to have different shades and genders of anime characters represent what a mailman is. I think the government should break up Google, fine the people involved as criminals, make the parts into publicly owned entities. People in the United States have not realized that we can just demand stuff, like single payer health insurance. Health insurance companies will not like it but it is for the benefit of the nation that we treat the Google parent corporation, for what they are. People that do not deserve the right to own or operate business, people who do not deserve a pay check even. America can revoke their privileges, and should. Making Google, Youtube, Android into public entities, massive layoffs, a re-branding is something that should proactively be pursued. Expect more updates!

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