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Controller Design Logic

 4/29/2022 Holding your hands out as you would for a controller with the bottoms of one's arms facing each other what is of particular interest is the space between the thumb and the middle/index finger. I essentially want like a turn rotary or like an etch a sketch knob implanted inside the controller where it can be felt on the top and bottom of controller. Input functionality it would resemble two scroll wheels. Thomas Scott Hansen Florida

Tomate OS Plans

To-ma-te, is the Spanish word for Tomato. It is a developer focused operating system that could work for phones and laptops. It is not really an operating system but it could absolutely package it as one. Basically it is meant to be the modern MS-DOS but it also does HTML. This is Firefox on Gnome displaying Blogger for me. I want the left of the screen to be a terminal like MS-DOS but is actually just a Javascript console, while the right has a 4x3 rendering. Screenshot of Deno webview from internet.  Dividing the screen up, I would want the left side to be a Javascript console or two, the one initiating the Deno webview and the Javascript console for the Deno webview. Instead of a webview rendering it could also be something like VIM or Visual Studio Code, I need the Deno language server debug for game/server development. Also should be possible to see tabs on the left I want the function keys to be hard coded to change tabs and select terminals or the rendering window. This is ultim

Keeping the Twit in Twitter

 Elon Musk just gave Alaska's yearly GDP to a bunch of liberals he disagrees with. He is twittering 'boner blockers' with a picture of Bill Gates next to a pregnant man emoji followed by a series of his comedy images against moderation. Some building that has to do with oil in Russia caught fire today and CNN said it could be a protest.

McGregor Conning Himself

  View this post on Instagram A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) Talk about not letting the money change you. This guy is like an inch taller than Tom Cruise and manages to find furniture too small for him for his public gathering of sedaters and sedated, the hungry. Hey guys! I have a €50,000 ($54,000) reward [in] cash in all €100 ($107) crisp untouched notes.  Not a wrinkle on them. The no wrinkle green backs. I call them yum-yums,  For whoever tells us who this little deli-chicken head is. The walk, run, and scrawny build all very distinctive,"  McGregor said McGregor quickly shared a separate clip of himself by the side of a swimming pool with a drink in hand celebrating the development and captioned it:  "What's 50 grand to a motherf***er like me, can you please remind me?" Come on Barbie, lets go party! garbage basura. Give me 50k, 1 year I could beat the McGregor ass, I heard that UFC, the style of fighting is hara

How a UFO Works

  i think the way to look at it is how could you manipulate gravity, the mass inside the spacecraft to achieve the results we are seeing. If we could have a computer simulation showing how objects can move through the air with theoretical internal mass weights adjusted through the craft. I think it looks a rock you skip on a lake. 

Pro Butcher Cuts REACTION

  YouTube it just  looks like so much waste. I am not sure if this is dry aged beef I think it is not.  I want like a Microsoft Knect but it works with X-Rays that control like a giant maneuverable saw mill blade and like lasers that annhilate the silverskin. Having a person touch the meat before cooking should not be nessicary.

Google Racist/Homophobe Guidance

  (picture from official Google blog) saying chairman gives an inclusivity warning but mailman is whatever. Notice that is a warning meaning that you are at threat for misgendering the chair people.

Aborting CNN

CNN " She was fed up with anti-abortion protesters, so she broadcast them on TikTok " This is what CNN has come to. The description is  An abortion clinic escort in Nebraska looks out for bombs to keep patients entering the building safe. See how she's using TikTok to confront the pro-life protesters surrounding the clinic. Source: CNN Let us identify their narrative here. They cite a statistic that from the over 3,000 abortion clinics we have had since 1977 there has been 11 murders targeting abortion clinics. They are directing the entire "debate" of abortion as a measure against violence. At one point they show the lady yelling over a leaf blower on TikTok about how she is going to clean the place up. She wears flare deciminating people who do not agree with aborting human fetuses still attached to their mothers as "Larrys."

Announcing Candidacy For President, Upcoming Libertarian Primaries

 Make sure to register as a Libertarian and vote in the primaries for Thomas Hansen of the state of Florida for President of the United States 2024. MODERN AIRPORTS As soon as you go to an airport you enter a private people mover that handles your luggage, and the ticket. Automatically opening doors when it is time to board. MODERN TRAIN STATIONS The sooner you can get them into a people mover that loads onto the train the better. COMMUNITY SHIPPING NETWORKS FEDERAL MANDATE FOR STATES TO HAVE PORTION OF REVENUE FROM INCOME TAX LOWER PROPERTY TAX, HIGHER INCOME TAX NEW FEDERAL PROPERTY TAX FOR MULTIPLE PROPERTIES OWNED ABOLISH SALES TAX

Russia Accusing Germany of "Military" Biological Engineering Last I heard the United States can not even hack computers together with the Germans. Well Germans should get acquainted with their new leader it is time to meet your foreign minister.  no stupid questions please

Weed Bot!

  this is a video of someone programming the artificial intelligence to detect weeds on an NVidia Jetson Dev Kit. I think that this is a big thing. The video I saw the guy programmed it to shoot a propane torch at all the weeds I think that is kind of ridiculous. He puts it on top of a very expensive robot, I think I have a better idea. Essentially want to mount a drill to the smallest Suzuki combustion engine ATV and use artificial intelligence to find weeds, turn and accelerate. I think a lot of people would pay a lot of money for it while it cost very little to do.

Cow Abyss

  Half of the world's population is in this circle, where do they get their cows from??? japan probably has some cows

We Flexed It!

I would say that this is a bigger historical event than the nuclear bomb dropping. We are now solving international conflicts with computers designed to kill, this is a one way street because the old warfare is outdated now

NBCNews Blacking Out

NBCNews   “It’s so blatantly partisan,” Isbell said. “The only way you can create a 20-and-8 map ... was to basically say, ‘Screw Black representation.’” the only way you can vote against Trump is to say screw White representation. Representing the United States is not appeasing your weekly racial uplifting.

US Vehicles In Denmark Reaction

  amazing boat wow I would not want to be in a humvee I think missiles are naturally attracted to them I would ask them to just tie a sled behind the vehicle I do not want to go in that I thought John Rockefeller was making jet packs 50 years ago why can we not just attach jet engines to the injured? I am not really sure what I am looking at here, it looks like some sort of people crusher / winch probably very effective against near peer threats.

video gaming update cont

  (some youtube channel's rendering)    (switchblade 600 kamikaze drone firing) I want to include naval drone warfare. I do not think I can top the switchblade drone I think it is very impressive I think it is reminiscent of a cannon the way it is launched. What I want is like a Quadcoptor possibly multiple working as a transmitter/controller for intelligent glide bombs dropped from another unmanned aerial vehicle from some altitude. This is like a WW2 glide bomb, I want the bomb to have maneuverability once dropped.  This is a US glide bomb it looks like it has more control. This is what a modern guide bomb looks like, looks like a Switchblade drone. I think the UAV bomber should have some sort of blended wing design with a long nose.

Drone Gameplay

In this video the US Army hypothesizes using AR to spot drones back in 2017. There are commercial drones that can map the room. The militarized versions are capable of shooting doors down. I am interested in controlling bombs like gliders, or intelligent paper airplanes that explode or incinerate which are dropped from the sky and controlled over some sort of wireless signal.

Joe Biden's President!!

  The Guardian!  April 2022 Donald Trump concedes the 2020 election! Donald Trump has admitted he did not win the 2020 election. Capitol attack panel scores two big wins as it inches closer to Trump’s inner circle Read more “I didn’t win the election,” he said.  

Solar Calendar, Clock, Variable Time Intervals

 Solar Calendar     Four seasons as a calendar, specific to coordinates. Days are independent from seasons. A day interval is dependent on when dawn and dusk occurs.  this is a sun graph for Inuvik Canada which is in the arctic circle. The area around June would be consider a single day. Solar Clock     Dawn, dusk, middle. Time Intervals     T he interval of a "second" to be variable to duration of sunlight, night. Maybe divide the duration by 10,000.

Digital Verification of Physical Human Input Devices, Anti-Cheat, CaC

This is where I share my feelings on how to stop internet computer hackers. I think state issued identification should be Common Access Card compatible allowing companies to do two factor authentication through state issued identification instead of by phone number. A Common Access Card reader is a computer peripheral that could be used at commercial entities for verification. having this card legible is a security risk. An identified police officer should have the capability of scanning a Common Access Card to acquire my birth date, address, and driver's license number. This can be used to prevent people from being locked out of their digital possessions by two factor authentication, ensuring consumer protection.