Dick Durbin on Being The First Black Woman

 “Not a single justice has been a Black woman. You, Judge Jackson, can be the first,” Durbin said. “It's not easy being the first. Often you have to be the best. In some ways, the bravest. Many are not prepared to face that kind of heat, that kind of scrutiny, that ordeal and the glare of the national spotlight," he said.

"you have to be the best because your black and we white people have decided to look very kindly on you now"

when you apply for a job and your employers mentions your race on a daily basis


  1. What about the first Latino man to be a Supreme Court justice? If we are making it about gender and all our supreme court picks are meant to be like a racial lottery I would point out that there are significantly more Latinos than blacks in this country and not a single male Latino supreme court justice.


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