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Dick Durbin on Being The First Black Woman

  “Not a single justice has been a Black woman. You, Judge Jackson, can be the first,” Durbin said. “It's not easy being the first. Often you have to be the best. In some ways, the bravest. Many are not prepared to face that kind of heat, that kind of scrutiny, that ordeal and the glare of the national spotlight," he said. "you have to be the best because your black and we white people have decided to look very kindly on you now" when you apply for a job and your employers mentions your race on a daily basis

The Racist Race

Cabal News Network something racist was uttered got to crank that loud speaker see if we can get some ad revenue get some twitter shit in here "Shame on @DisneyParks hosting this," Houska wrote. "Nostalgic racism is RACISM." that is really going to prove something to the people who thought nostalgic racism did not correlate to racism. Could you charge me a nickle to read this shit and throw some more tweets uncensored? 

Decision Game

 Pirate Ship Wars  Character Map  The Big Prelude to World War Heroin   Beach the alpha DistractThomas = true/false scene 1 mop the shit behavior = “motivated/disheartened/leprechaun” scene 2 flex it behavior = “curious/scared/innovative” scene 3 taliban, taliban behavior = “monarchy/fantasy government/pirate” act 1 all that remains motivated gives you no gold disheartened gives you gold leprechaun gives you more gold people who were curious in scene should basically lose people who were scared have altered combat that is more fatal innovative leaves Thomas without a weapon monarchy behavior leaves the entire game in dumb world fantasy government has a lot of hubris pirate choice leaves NPC behavior aggressive

Putin on Proxy Wars

 "We know many of [these volunteers], they helped in the fight against ISIS during the last 10 years," Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of Russia's Security Council, according to TASS."If you see that there are these people who want of their own accord, not for money, to come to help the people living in Donbas, then we need to give them what they want and help them get to the conflict zone," Putin said. JPost  

SoundCloud & YouTube Short Comings

SoundCloud and YouTube work as an editorial and use it to promote millennial garbage. YouTube hides educational content behind it's first five liberal wristbands their social justice warriors were wearing. I would not want my content on either platform I think they are toxic to the internet as a sharing platform.

Russia Today Creative Quotation Marks

"accusing Russian forces of shelling, causing a fire and triggering fears of a meltdown." it is only an accusation if the Russians just plea the fifth and love Satan. "The plant is “on fire,” Energodar Mayor Dmitry Orlov claimed on his Telegram channel" sounds like a conspiracy to me idk  He did not give details as to which buildings might be on fire or whether there was any danger to the reactors. RUSSIA TODAY is holding this man accountable for not digesting where the Russians dropped their bombs. Tell us you capitalist! Ukraine’s State Emergency Service later issued an update stating that the blaze had actually erupted in a “training building” adjacent to the nuclear site, not the facility’s reactor buildings. bombing the largest nuclear facility in Europe = not fucking crazy America stop being brainwashed Security camera footage from the plant indicated there was indeed a blaze on the premises, after apparent flares and tracer rounds had been fired towards