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Hangover from the Cold War

The first thing they say is this is a "hangover" from the Cold War meaning before 1992. The Soviet Union dissolved on their own without the United States help. Ukraine is a sovereign state and has no obligation to secede land to Russia.

Glass Waterfall

 that is luxury. So much broken glass you can make a waterfall glass cullet is pulverized glass used to make new glass, can be infinitely recycled. glass cullet can be used to make this fiber, which is used in insulation and space suits. It is "biosoluble" which means if you breathe it in it should not make you sick

Hit Squads in Florida

CNN Article DOJ Source Instructed by this Russian official, Fuentes, a Mexican citizen who has spent significant time in Russia, arranged for an intermediary to lease a unit in a specific residential building in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where a specified U.S. person, who had previously provided information about the Russian government to the U.S. government, resided. Furthermore, at the direction of the same Russian official, Fuentes traveled to Miami in February 2020 to obtain the license plate number and parking location of the specified U.S. person’s car, and to provide this information to the Russian official upon his next trip to Russia. Fuentes’s travel companion, at his request, took a photo of the specified U.S. person’s car. A WhatsApp message from Fuentes’s travel companion to Fuentes contained a close-up photograph of the specified U.S. person’s car. The manner in which Fuentes communicated with the Russian government official and his undertakings in this ca

3d Scanning Polymer Clay I want to make polymer clay models and 3d scan them into the game

Native Zelda: OOT on Linux

The sound does not work but I can natively play 20 FPS without the emulator disrupting the quality of image. You need a "master quest debug rom z64 PAL" to process the assets, it only compiles on Windows right now, runs with Wine and the sound is messed up. The file is 64 megabytes because all the files are uncompressed, this version is specific because the developers compiled it in a way that allowed debugging. I have experience in reverse engineering with Zen Of Sudoku I converted the game to HTML, in the process interpreting a BIN file repository containing the puzzles. This is the master quest debug rom so the back button gives you a map selection for the entire game. I am hoping to achieve visuals on par or better than OOT for Pirate Ship Wars using WebGPU. The game primarily follows a sequence of illusionary conflicts, matters that have a clear determination but is interpreted under a thick layer of bullshit.  Facial expressions are very important and I think the N64 gr

Light Detection and Ranging

  science fiction idea: electrical detection and ranging (through physical barriers) - EiDar winter survival: i think displaying the geography in winter survival is a big deal. I am considering no pause screens in Winter Survival. pirate ship wars: electronic etch a sketch for encoded messages