Winter Survival Draft


Winter Survival

Team Canada

WASD Movement

Z – Prone

X – Interact (tie, untie canoe, canoe inventory (depending on viewpoint))

Ctrl – Crouch

P – Drone Controller

1 – m27 automatic rifle with window breaching capability

2 – M18 modular handgun

R - Reload

3 – Shelter in place

Q – Create menu

E – Inventory

F – Equip item



Small Axe


First aid kit


Pirate Ship Wars Ending

Act three, the ocean, should have multiple endings each of which account as the reason for the events causing the war in Winter Survival.

Understanding Winter Survival Mechanics

Playing the game less than perfect the player will end up being hunted. The only way to remove your heat signature is to cover yourself in snow, if you have time you can build an igloo although that would be more visible on foot. To shelter in place from prone position the player will throw snow over his legs, back. Managing temperature, thirst, radiation and possibly hunger are needed for survival. I say possibly hunger because I am not sure if it would really add value to the game like thirst will. The game takes place during a nuclear winter, eating water from snow will raise your radiation levels. Understanding the geography, topographic view of the map is the intended way of succeeding. Guns are very lethal, a single handgun round to the chest would kill anyone.

Plank Controlled West Alaska

The game opens to a scene of an opposition soldier at a campfire. A plane flies overhead and they kick snow to put the fire out, the camera pans backward to a football field size view of the area that than goes to the player perspective. The game makes use of a single drone, available to the player at the start of the game that can be lost at any time in the game. Completing the game without the drone should be too difficult for most players to achieve, ammo is extremely limited. The player is in pursuit, equipped with a heads up display that details the position of suspicious heat signatures with a canoe strapped to his back. The drone is not equipped with a firearm but does have the capability of producing an acoustic boom to induce concussions. If the opposition spots the drone or otherwise get notice of the players approach the enemy soldier will call for backup which will arrive in the form of a Russian made super-maneuverable aircraft and two others on individual snowmobiles. Progressing in the game after the aircraft is called should be too difficult for a player to achieve. Finishing the opposition soldier will appear to be optional but not killing him will result in him presumably killing you down the road. The goal of the opening level is to reach the Bering strait, which is frozen.


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