"We Americans are now in a cold Civil War" Response

RT Article

I would argue that America has already fallen into what might be termed a ‘cold civil war’, following the 2020 election. “We the People” just do not see eye-to-eye on several significant issues, and it doesn’t help that many of those were thrown at us all at once, beginning with Covid-19. Since the first lockdown that pummeled our economy, Americans have been at fierce odds with each other over almost everything – especially if it’s Covid related.

This is moronic. To think that you can go to war over COVID restrictions when we live in a Democracy is probably the most pathetic political thinking around right now. How wild is wearing a mask and getting a vaccine? If you think you are American and Civil War comes to mind over mask/vaccine statuses you are a societal problem. Now conspiring to levy war against the United States is different from levying war against the United States, but we do not have to allow RT to operate in English countries. RT is guilty of conspiring to levy war against the United States, something that we can amend by removing RT's foreign agent license. This is not the time for foreign dissidence, misinformation and word play meant to take lives. Russia Today will continue to bring forward their token American who sympathizes with the idea of killing other Americans.


  1. "The drug is flowing into the country as a result of the crisis at our southern border, which has been disastrous for both America and Mexico, and highly profitable for drug cartels and human traffickers. This is a grim fact we can’t ignore, and sets the backdrop for the insecurity and chaos hurting our communities."
    time to go to war this lesbian can not stop taking fentanyl


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