Russia Today Acting Black

 Russia Today is redirecting thought trains for their highly intelligent base.

When it comes to hatred of Russia, its strongest proponents often defend themselves by claiming they hate the government, not the people. Disagreements with policy are, of course, understandable, but the truth is that many are simply xenophobic.

Debates over a political decision or the competence of a particular figure in Russian politics are a genuine and desirable form of discourse. Criticisms of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin’s broader policies, pension reform or the country’s poor Covid-19 vaccine rollout are totally valid.

The demonization of the Russian people, on the other hand, is not. However, in recent times, many of the country’s most vocal detractors have shown their true colors. They don’t hate the government. They hate Russians.

Front and center, of course, is the well-known Russophobe Toomas Hendrik Ilves, a former Estonian president-turned-Twitter troll.

The American-raised Ilves, who once ran a desk for US state-run RFE/RL, previously mocked the suicides of overstressed Covid-19 doctors and once proposed banning all Russians from entering the EU. He has now turned to dubbing the natives of the world’s largest country “apes.”

this sounds pretty serious. Russia Today, the foreign nationalist vaccine skeptic network is concerned about doctors who committed suicide in relation to COVID-19, if a person whom wronged white Russian pride is saying it that is.

Hatred of Russians is, of course, not limited to politicians from the former Soviet Republics. In 2017, former US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper branded Russians as “genetically driven” to be untrustworthy.

And it’s not just officials. In recent years, the Western press has repeatedly platformed xenophobes who appear to hate every fiber of every Muscovite. In 2019, the New York Times published a particularly distasteful op-ed declaring that “corruption is in Russia’s DNA” and “sharing’s not the Russian way.” Around the same time, a piece in America’s The Atlantic alleged that kleptocracy had been invented by Moscow.

All these statements in their various forms seem to fly under the radar for the Western commentariat, often being challenged only by a handful of insulted Russians, despite a media landscape that is otherwise hawk-eyed for any perceived slights against entire groups of people. For some reason, Russians appear to be the sole exception and the focus of an acceptable form of hatred.

A handful of insulted Russians is all Russia is at this point. The smart people left before they started invading neighboring countries like savages. This sentence is what I would consider to be the bread and butter of Russian brainwashing.

Defenders of anti-Russian xenophobia often point to Moscow’s tendency to dismiss any foreign criticism of the country as “Russophobia,” suggesting it is not real, or that Moscow invented it as a “weapon” to be wielded. 

So in this sentence they acknowledge that Russia commits crimes and then just say that everyone is hating on them because they are black BUT they then go into whether their blackness is real or not, and if they are just pretending to be black.

Russophobia may be the last acceptable form of xenophobia, and it should be constantly and continuously pointed out until those who spew it are finally ostracized.

When someone is crying out that they are the "last bastion of discrimination" tell them to go fuck themselves. This is a country that is terrorizing Ukrainians, only referring to the slaughter as "actions" when they have to account for themselves.


  1. tommy you are like the blues clues of 21st century racism

  2. referring back to Estonian President saying that "quitting beats the window by a mile" the crying liberal RT is promoting is ranting about how people can not joke about mental health.
    "Joking about mental health issues is not funny. Especially given the huge strain health workers are under during this pandemic. It's very depressing to see that the author of the linked piece, @Buzzfeed's @christopherjm, retweeted the tweet above. He should know better."
    boo hoo :( we need to take mentality real serious now it is not like the people jumping out of windows are the ones who should know better it is anyone who made a joke about jumping out of windows that are the real problem

    1. shaming employers for thought crimes is the new norm


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