Recap of Hansen Family Lies

My paternal family wants me to talk to them on the condition that I ignore all the lies they told me. My grandma and uncle Bruce told me I was going to get a new house when I have to move out. Instead I have to argue with a person who preys on children in Asia. My brother Andrew assaulted me for a petty amount of weed my mom was smoking. My mom told him I bought it down the street but Andrew yelled "this is my weed!" and said I was dead! After the police arrest him my mom said it seemed like Andrew was high off cocaine. Andrew wants me to tell everyone I started a fight, he is a delusional criminal that is an accomplice to the prostitution of children in Asia. My aunt Karen has been only concerned about her financial stake in the house I grew up at, she never told me this. I am trying to talk to my family about how to stop child prostitution from my grand father's inheritance and she is only concerned about her money. I am never changing my story I feel better the whole world knowing how you approached this dispute with me, that god's judgement will always find you.


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