Hanging Meat


This is a picture from "Great British Meat Co." Dry aging the meat is a practice that is mostly left from the Western world. Personally I find a lot of the branding, promotions that meat companies put out to be disrespectful to the slaughter. Oscar Meyer putting commercials out of cooked bacon dancing is going to make kids think their only path to sanity is veganism. The dry aging process evaporates water from the meat making it lighter, less profitable to sell to the consumerist society. The problem is that the temperature and humidity control on dry aging is much more stringent. The meat has to stay at exactly 2 degrees, any less it will freeze any more it will rot. You also have to maintain a constant humidity, 85% I believe. This differs from wet aging in that wet aging has something like a 5 degree temperature range. Now I have never seen this done but I would like to move the dry hanging process, onto the sail boat. I understand I would need a combustion engine generator powering the cooling. The path I am taking is around 12C most of the year, the weather in the southern hemisphere is more consistent for whatever reason but heading into Africa I would expect to need to cool the dry hanging room from an external temperature of 33.


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