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Hanging Meat

  This is a picture from "Great British Meat Co." Dry aging the meat is a practice that is mostly left from the Western world. Personally I find a lot of the branding, promotions that meat companies put out to be disrespectful to the slaughter. Oscar Meyer putting commercials out of cooked bacon dancing is going to make kids think their only path to sanity is veganism. The dry aging process evaporates water from the meat making it lighter, less profitable to sell to the consumerist society. The problem is that the temperature and humidity control on dry aging is much more stringent. The meat has to stay at exactly 2 degrees, any less it will freeze any more it will rot. You also have to maintain a constant humidity, 85% I believe. This differs from wet aging in that wet aging has something like a 5 degree temperature range. Now I have never seen this done but I would like to move the dry hanging process, onto the sail boat. I understand I would need a combustion engine genera

Arctic Ocean Cloud Coverage / Sailing Route

 Jan 29th 2022 Google. You can see Greenland pierce the clouds, I think this is because of the reflective nature of the snow   The purple dots mean I want to own property in Tajikistan, Russia, Japan, South Africa, Arabia, Argentina, and Iran. I would need a 36 foot sail boat to go the four thousand miles between Argentina and South Africa. There should be trains and buses from South Africa through to Japan. I think I could bicycle the distance from South Africa to Japan in a hundred days if I was in a hurry. I am interested in owning cattle, a slaughterhouse in Argentina. I would want to use an expensive battery assisted solar sailing ship to move the meat to South Africa where I hope it could be transported by rail along the route. My idea of luxury is owning the Chinese restaurant supply chain.

Russia Today Acting Black

 Russia Today is redirecting thought trains for their highly intelligent base. When it comes to hatred of Russia, its strongest proponents often defend themselves by claiming they hate the government, not the people. Disagreements with policy are, of course, understandable, but the truth is that many are simply xenophobic. Debates over a political decision or the competence of a particular figure in Russian politics are a genuine and desirable form of discourse. Criticisms of Russia’s actions in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin’s broader policies, pension reform or the country’s poor Covid-19 vaccine rollout are totally valid. The demonization of the Russian people, on the other hand, is not. However, in recent times, many of the country’s most vocal detractors have shown their true colors. They don’t hate the government. They hate Russians. Front and center, of course, is the well-known Russophobe Toomas Hendrik Ilves, a former Estonian president-turned-Twitter troll. The American-ra

Russia Today Readers Facing Mortality Crisis

  this guy had a mayor who harvests humans they seek nothing more than to ruin the English language

Alec Baldwin

 Alec Baldwin is being sued because a woman is haunted by her own reflection. On January 3, Roice "posted a photo of a crowd of demonstrators at the Washington Monument on her Instagram page in anticipation of the January 6, 2022, one-year anniversary of her attendance at the Washington, DC demonstration," the suit said. So this woman participated in the January 6th insurrection and she is suing Alec Baldwin because she thinks that anyone who refers to it as a riot should be arrested. She responded to Baldwin, according to the suit, that, "Protesting is perfectly legal in the country and I've already had my sit down with the FBI. Thanks, have a nice day!"   bwahha this is the supposedly illegal tweeting down by Alec Baldwin "When I sent the $ for your late brother, out of real respect for his service to this country, I didn't know you were a January 6th rioter," here is her Trumpstopian logic that insurrections are legal Roice "was nev

Facebooker Website Idea

So the general idea is that when you want to start writing fan fictional U.S. law where you eliminate federally protected rights at the state level a certain amount of evidence is needed when levying allegations. For law enforcement to take someone from their home without an arrest is against my rights, I want a website where I can get all evidence related to their allegation including a video, a police officer's allegation without any video evidence is worthless. I demand my right to trial. I deserve video evidence of the Palm Beach County Sheriff who insulted my religion. Article the seventh... No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in

Rethinking M27 Rifle

  I was thinking of modifying the M2HB heavy machine gun into something Thomas could hold in the game. Capable of 500 rounds per minute, I would want to be able to adjust the rate I am not sure how realistic that would be though. 84 pounds, 65 inches long with a massive recoil. The M2HB has a 12.7MM round as opposed to the 5 and a half millimeter rounds on the M27. The M27 can only get through a few layers of dry wall, with the M2HB 12.7MM round it could go through a helicopter, wood walls.      I would want a larger hand grip and a scope that can see electricity layered on a thermal scope. Reloading every bullet You can see the bullet here and the gun moved from recoil after the shot, smoke

CNN Race Theory "Victor Ray is the F. Wendell Miller Associate Professor in the Departments of Sociology and Criminology and African American Studies at the University of Iowa"  He starts with just a dead quote from MLK. "I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens Councilor or the Ku Klux Klanner but the White moderate who is more devoted to 'order' than to justice." I am stumbling head over heels trying to find more reasons why the leader of the National Association of Pussy Eaters needs more spotlight. Martin Luther King is a stain on our country, frauds should not be exalted for personable victimization. MLK is a fraud and having a holiday to celebrate his "legacy" as if we would want our children to emulate fraudulence is disgusting.

Winter Survival Draft

  Winter Survival Team Canada WASD Movement Z – Prone X – Interact (tie, untie canoe, canoe inventory (depending on viewpoint)) Ctrl – Crouch P – Drone Controller 1 – m27 automatic rifle with window breaching capability 2 – M18 modular handgun R - Reload 3 – Shelter in place Q – Create menu E – Inventory F – Equip item Items Iodine Small Axe Shovel First aid kit lifestraw Pirate Ship Wars Ending Act three, the ocean, should have multiple endings each of which account as the reason for the events causing the war in Winter Survival. Understanding Winter Survival Mechanics Playing the game less than perfect the player will end up being hunted. The only way to remove your heat signature is to cover yourself in snow, if you have time you can build an igloo although that would be more visible on foot. To shelter in place from prone position the player will throw snow over his legs, back. Managing temperature, thirst, radiation and possibly hunger

Borderline Retarded Housing

I was watching this video and considering if I could consider people retarded for aspiring to own an estate like this. I found a new company called Boxabl and yes I learned about it after hearing Elon Musk lives in one. I think it is great. It looks like a bedroom that has everything. I would probably have a computer desk where the sofa is, no TV on the TV stand that would be my other desk for putting papers on. It gets delivered like this, you unfold it basically you can have it up in a day. It comes bundled with a fridge, oven, microwave, washer, dryer air conditioner and heater. 8 foot doors and 9 and a half foot ceilings. I really like the bigger doors and higher ceiling. I would probably just roll all my clothes up and throw it in cargo nets over my bed or something like that.  Going up from the 50,000 dollar model I think there are some cool upgrades.   I like the overhang, if you are looking at the dots at the bottom that tell you what Instagram slide I was on, I think 3 is the

Modular Home

  I saw a video where one attached steel studs to a flatbed trailer. Steel studs save 40% weight compared to wood studs, more durable. He has an overhang, something I am not really interested in. He has a bronze roof or something of that effect on the overhang which he proves by taking a propane torch to it. I really like the idea of durable materials. Bronze is pretty expensive, maybe a conspicuous way to invest metals. He moved his entire living situation in this I think that is a little unreasonable. I think one of these could fit a kitchen, dining room, another one for a bedroom, computer, living area. He built his for 30k, I think housing built on truck trailers give you the benefit of being able to travel like a nomad but still have the luxury of a home.

The Color of Paradise 1999 (Iranian/Farsi)

This is one of those movies that invoke self reflection, and I want a full size truck. Most of this guys problems, his kids problems would have been solved with the full size all electric Chevy Silverado with adjustable suspension and proper road infrastructure. Why is this guy going across some makeshift bridge with a horse? Sounds like bad local government, compacting problems for this guy. I thought the ending to be artistically self inflating. In the movie they show people scribe braille. I could not help but think how a keyboard would be better leading to my next thought, a computer operating system for the blind and websites accessible for the blind.  This is a device that never made it to market. I would want the user to be able to select text input areas with buttons on the side. There should be a button for every line of braille. Rendering a website, the user needs to be able to input text and replace where the vertical bar is for keyboard input. This means that all the adjace

Protecting Coral Reefs

 It is estimated that coral reefs provide habitat for 25% of all marine species. The reef to Aquarium fish market does not make sense. They are recycling their prisons with fish meant to be on the reef and the methods they use to extract the fish often damage natural reefs. Reefs are necessary to contain flood waters. Asian countries are still using cyanide on coral reefs! The idea is to paralyze the fish but they pollute the water with cyanide, kill the reefs and the person who is using the cyanide is effected by the chemical too. This destroys the reef. The aquarium fish trade is not worth the natural resources. The fish extracted from reefs do not live for more than a year when in the wild the fish would live 10x that.

"We Americans are now in a cold Civil War" Response

RT Article I would argue that America has already fallen into what might be termed a ‘cold civil war’, following the 2020 election. “We the People” just do not see eye-to-eye on several significant issues, and it doesn’t help that many of those were thrown at us all at once, beginning with Covid-19. Since the first lockdown that pummeled our economy, Americans have been at fierce odds with each other over almost everything – especially if it’s Covid related. This is moronic. To think that you can go to war over COVID restrictions when we live in a Democracy is probably the most pathetic political thinking around right now. How wild is wearing a mask and getting a vaccine? If you think you are American and Civil War comes to mind over mask/vaccine statuses you are a societal problem. Now conspiring to levy war against the United States is different from levying war against the United States, but we do not have to allow RT to operate in English countries. RT is guilty of conspiring

Castle Snapshot January 4th

URLs now work. I am removing modals in favor of replacing the entire screen. There is still a drawer for mobile. I plan to offer no-script support. The website right now is localhost/#!/app with localhost/#!/signup, /login, /forgotpassword. The #! is for single page applications to update the url. If <noscript> activates it should redirect you to a PHP driven HTML document that is capable of the same interface. The noscript pages will probably look like debug until closer to release. The composition part was removed because it is being replaced anyways.

Recap of Hansen Family Lies

My paternal family wants me to talk to them on the condition that I ignore all the lies they told me. My grandma and uncle Bruce told me I was going to get a new house when I have to move out. Instead I have to argue with a person who preys on children in Asia. My brother Andrew assaulted me for a petty amount of weed my mom was smoking. My mom told him I bought it down the street but Andrew yelled "this is my weed!" and said I was dead! After the police arrest him my mom said it seemed like Andrew was high off cocaine. Andrew wants me to tell everyone I started a fight, he is a delusional criminal that is an accomplice to the prostitution of children in Asia. My aunt Karen has been only concerned about her financial stake in the house I grew up at, she never told me this. I am trying to talk to my family about how to stop child prostitution from my grand father's inheritance and she is only concerned about her money. I am never changing my story I feel better the whole w


  China is actively deploying autonomous vehicles along the border with India. Defending your nation irrefutably involves technology other than gun powder. Communist influence from Asia is the greatest threat to the world. Russians and Chinese are cowards who advocate for using nuclear force, psychos. They view the world as a game and the United States is merely a boss level on their global Communist conquest. These cowards empower leaders to develop these technologies with the purpose of using them against Americans. I am all about a fair fight, any escalation will be responded to. Any cowardly strike against the United States will be met with a greater, more lethal one. China's numbers will not save them, their country is a most vulnerable one. If China were to declare war on us, they should expect a mass starvation followed by extinction. If the nuclear winter does not starve them, the United States will scorch them, we will absorb any country that declares war on us and refuse