Cow Trade

If only there was a forest or something for it to go through it could slow down! We need an agricultural revolution. Feeding the United States is a fixed price, growing a portion of our vegetables in an indoor environment is not only a matter of food security but restoring our natural lands. Food from federal sources, to civilians or military should be largely from these indoor crops.

Rank CommodityCash ReceiptsPercent
1 Texas $10,543,163,000 15.50%
2 Nebraska $10,360,532,000 15.20%

I call these states "the big 3". You see Texas as #1 but if you know anything about cow dispersity population theorem Nebraska is clearly #1. Tornadoes are going to keep happening, when you survey the land it is nothing but capitalism. Maybe a nice wildlife area with tall trees in 20 years.

We clearly maxed out all of the green earth in the contiguous United States about a hundred years ago. I would advocate for green communities, living away from the coastline. Taxing any new parking lot. You could use these newly established green communities, with outdoor restaurants as an alternative to senior care living. Reversing the industrial environment, or replacing it would let us live in an environment that is not industrialized. I rather live in a city with trees around. I want free trade without a sales tax as Muhammad decreed for a zone in Arabia, with makeshift tents. I think growing cotton should be the first federally backed indoor grow.


  1. the numbers are weird. These are the true number of cows
    Texas - 4,685,000
    Oklahoma - 2,189,000
    Missouri - 2,035,000
    Nebraska - 1,900,000
    oklahoma is #1 in total cows but most get culled out of state I think


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