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Half-Life Clips

  Essential Half-Life: Source tactic. Half-Life: Opposing Force Operation Black Mesa is an Opposing Force reboot. Specifically this scene shows an alien force I feel is more powerful than what the game has. What I think the Half-Life series suffers from is destruction without creation. Video games tend to be linear, in Pirate Ship Wars a character theme is a desire for destruction. Very quickly in the story the starting vessel is to get destroyed and you have to manifest another vessel or just hang around a virtual Japan for the rest of your gaming experience. I never been to Japan it is more of an imaginary Japan but it should have actual Japanese language through it. This section would be less violent than the rest of the game, you get your guns from Japan but you can not fire them in Japan, not first person in Japan.

Cow Trade

If only there was a forest or something for it to go through it could slow down! We need an agricultural revolution. Feeding the United States is a fixed price, growing a portion of our vegetables in an indoor environment is not only a matter of food security but restoring our natural lands. Food from federal sources, to civilians or military should be largely from these indoor crops. Rank  Commodity Cash Receipts Percent 1 Texas $10,543,163,000 15.50% 2 Nebraska $10,360,532,000 15.20% 3 Kansas $7,881,800,000 11.60% I call these states "the big 3". You see Texas as #1 but if you know anything about cow dispersity population theorem Nebraska is clearly #1. Tornadoes are going to keep happening, when you survey the land it is nothing but capitalism. Maybe a nice wildlife area with tall trees in 20 years. We clearly maxed out all of the green earth in the contiguous United States about a hundred years ago. I would advocate for green c

People of Walmart

This man's expectations coming to fruition. ban pokemon I like to think he is like a social distance enforcer  

The Real Problem with Germany

this guy literally sticks his hand in a door crevice with a caption "this is a problem" and society thinks it is worth sharing. He goes a step further as to escalate as the real problem with America like an investigative journalist presenting his findings. "It" is having a bathroom problem and it is time for society to take note.

On par with N64

  A lot of pirate ship wars I expect is to be scenes like the one above. I would support the mouse as a means of movement in scenes like this. It will probably be a combination of 2d and 3d although I do not want to fall behind OoT visuals. The scenes should have a day night cycle that targets changes for the color of all pixels as if it was going to be a screensaver. When you enter a shop it should switch to a first or third person perspective. There should be three arms manufacturers, the first one is a basic one that everyone can get. The remaining two are behind some sort of sequence trigger. You want a lot of guns as reloading is dangerous.