Pirate Ship Wars

 I have written two stories for the Pirate Ship Wars installment thus far, very short stories in writing. Pirate Ship Wars is meant to be the alpha where Winter Survival is the omega. My first script was more of an introduction to the game where you end up in a motorcycle accident and transport in time to a burial at sea. This second script is the omega of vanity. The first time I wrote the script I just included Claire as a character but in the second script Claire is the player and I am the character. Ultimately Claire succumbs to the idea she is in my hologram and the player gets to become Thomas in Winter Survival. There are three opening "scenes" with interactivity in the second script followed by three acts meant to be the gameplay. 

 Pirate Ship Wars

  1. The Alpha
  2. Scene 1 - Mop the Shit
  3. Scene 2 - Flex It
  4. Scene 3 - Taliban, Taliban
  5. Act One - All That Remains
  6. Act Two - World War Heroin
  7. Act Three - Always, Forever
Act Two is a gambling game. I have not decided what games I am going to include but it is going to be a casino. Claire speaks Japanese but she keeps it on the low. In Act One Thomas, Justin, et Brutus end up getting slaughtered by the Navy or Pirates or something. Act Three Thomas comes back from the dead to hijack Claire's pirate ship ultimately leading the player to my Winter Survival game.



Act Two

World War Heroin

Claire is paddling herself to where her compass tells her. It is a magical compass that points to what her heart wants most in the world. She starts crying and the only thing that makes her stop crying is sour gummies. She paddles her way to Tokyo bay and docks her boat. She walks to the start of the dock and talks to a Japanese man, with misleading subtitles. She replies in English and they both understand the dialogue.

J (J): What gives you the right to dock here?

J (E): We are so happy you finally arrived.

Claire: I am glad to finally be here you would not imagine the shit I been eating

J (J): Outsiders are not allowed.

J (E): We always appreciate Gaijins!

Claire: You are a Gaijin to me too!

She pulls her compass out and heads to a casino, on her way a man attempts to solicit her for prostitution, Claire takes the coin and says thank you. She has to win enough money to buy a new pirate ship. Losing will sands of time her back to the moment she receives the coin.


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