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Imagining Claire

    Claire is an atypical whore. I want to make her look like an emotional sailor moon with tattoos. Typically emos dye their hair black but I think grey hair looks better. I want her to have an indigo scarf covering her hair in Japan. What I want Claire to do is meant to be choices that effect the story and dialogue. Claire ultimately dies at the end of Pirate Ship Wars and none of the choices effect Winter Survival.

Call of Duty: Modern Dilemma

  How are we suppose to keep making video games when robots can do this better? Imagine sending a robot in there to kill everybody, people start thinking about the ethics more. Instead of Bravo Team 6 going in there it should be the police surrounding the building and they have to surrender to robots, this takes the detonator off the table. The police exposing themselves is what creates the immediate danger, something that is premeditated. The amount of force these robots should be capable of should be no greater than a traumatic brain injury. An overhaul of domestic policing at this scale is something that would require constitutional amendments to require individuals to surrender to police whom are using robots to raid a building. This is not something for a domestic dispute but a Waco Texas scenario. It is my opinion that a modern drone raid is the most effective way of minimizing loss of life. The application of traumatic brain injuries is in my opinion a necessary reality in the f

The Colbert Retort

  Obviously when you see the video Stephen clearly made some missteps leading to him being labeled a feminist. Mistakes can not be undone but amending them starts by explaining how he ended up being a pansy boy on national television in front of all of America. Are women equal, deserve equal rights? The only right I am willing to advocate for women right now is the cold reality of nothing. Because I bring something into existence Anita thinks that she has a share, not how this rodeo works girl. What Anita wants is a better game, but instead she wants to change world history. Anita should go read about Zelda Fitzgerald, as far as I am concerned the men are the ones who do the bulk of the fighting. Women police officers, female fire fighters, it is a conspiracy.

Crossing the Bering Strait

There is something about the idea of crossing the strait that really appeals to me. It is not from desire but purpose. Surviving temperatures that cold is surreal. I consider it to be the top of the world. There are multiple ways to cross the Bering Strait, the most obvious is by a floating piece of ice or a boat/canoe. I believe the distance is around fifty miles, an easy bicycle ride if there ever was one. Walking across thin ice, presumably with a canoe strapped to my back would most likely lead to hypothermia. When you abandon the flawed ideas you are left with concepts. What prevents my feet from walking on water is buoyancy, balance, and water density. If I made a device that suspended me on a buoyant object it would be subject to drift more than I would be able to move, my weight is required. The desire is to have the water react as a solid without lowering the temperature. Water Striders use surface tension to walk on water. The Bering Strait however is not a body of water whic

Pirate Ship Wars

 I have written two stories for the Pirate Ship Wars installment thus far, very short stories in writing. Pirate Ship Wars is meant to be the alpha where Winter Survival is the omega. My first script was more of an introduction to the game where you end up in a motorcycle accident and transport in time to a burial at sea. This second script is the omega of vanity. The first time I wrote the script I just included Claire as a character but in the second script Claire is the player and I am the character. Ultimately Claire succumbs to the idea she is in my hologram and the player gets to become Thomas in Winter Survival. There are three opening "scenes" with interactivity in the second script followed by three acts meant to be the gameplay.   Pirate Ship Wars The Alpha Scene 1 - Mop the Shit Scene 2 - Flex It Scene 3 - Taliban, Taliban Act One - All That Remains Act Two - World War Heroin Act Three - Always, Forever Act Two is a gambling game. I have not decided what games I am