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better than Google

 I think there is some decent CSS. The title is in the wrong spot, the menu icon is suppose to just be a Google button which expands the first column over the width of the second column. The first column indicates that it is mail, there should be maps, images and search and that should be like all of Google. Chat, spaces and meet are things that I was not even interested in. YouTube is completely different when emulating it on iPhone, I have mixed feelings about it. I said that GMail has very good CSS. If you are using a touchscreen device in landscape mode most people are right handed meaning they would typically open e-mails with their dominant right thumb. If the title was in the place I mention, and in its stead was the search bar, remove the double machine code symbols and everything else that toolbar has move it in the Google button expanded column. The first column is bloatware and not any better than Yahoo Chat advertisements. The width of the compose button matches the placeme

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