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The Shattered Myth of Tech Genius - The Atlantic

Musk’s Texts Shatter the Myth of the Tech Genius What is so illuminating about the Musk messages is just how unimpressive, unimaginative, and sycophantic the powerful men in Musk’s contacts appear to be.  Sometimes I wonder if freedom of speech should really apply to everybody. Later on, Musk chastised Calacanis for trying to whip up public investments to finance Musk’s acquisition. This leads to a string of messages that read straight out of Succession: Musk: Morgan Stanley and Jared think you are using our friendship not in a good way This makes it seem like I’m desperate. Please stop. Calacanis: Only ever want to support you.  it is this liberal fantasy bullshit they lace next to people's names. She is writing some fictional explanation to her appending. Literal heroin addicts trying to get personal with people superior than them. During Musk’s April media frenzy, the billionaire frequently demonstrated a shallow understanding of Twitter, suggesting contradictory policies suc
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Model X Body

  I think it should look a lot different. It should have a more narrow front, be two door. A rear cabin in the middle, the rear of the body should go inward. I want more fuel efficiency, and a taller cabin in the front. The wind shield should go down lower in a rounded shape. The front normally has a shifter in the middle, cup holders the rear would be a lot more narrow. I think it would be a lot less battery use in comparison, if it was targeting a 200 mile range it could be substantially cheaper. If I wanted to invest in personal vehicular transportation I would rather have two self driving vehicles instead of one. But if I could just have one vehicle where the wheels can stand the call up like 18 inches off the ground... From like a cost risk perspective I do not think it to be responsible to have that much money invested dependent on a life of a set of particular batteries. Vehicle buyers should be able to go through an entire life of a vehicle and have it recycled. advertising sol

Captured Soldier REACTION

  Acute meth withdrawal symptoms can include: 3 Fatigue. Anxiety. Irritability. Lack of energy. Weight gain. Dehydration. Chills. Insomnia followed by hyper-somnia (sleeping too much). Dysphoria (low mood) could progress to clinical depression and suicidal thoughts. The inability to think clearly. Anhedonia (loss of ability to feel pleasure). Withdrawing from others. Drug cravings. These are people suffering from something acute to meth withdrawals and want to touch something. I would not think it positive to give them any affirmation, a sense of freedom at that point. I do not trust this person's statement on his motivation for joining the Russian army, I think that they did show him how to disassemble a rifle. I would have to send him to a `work community` that is not car dependent and I think his standard of living would probably be above most Europeans at that point.

Genetically Altered Monkey Inspiration

  if you scroll to 3:45 I think it is pretty close to how you would expect some tribal monkeys to be communicating over like a radio broadcast after the end of star wars 6. this is how I want the monkeys to be communicating but in a constructed language. I understand that dogs may not understand the same type of grammatical system as a monkey would, I am targeting the committed type of monkeys though. When you develop a constructed language you have to also account for how a communities create dialects.

Snowden's First Official Russian Prayer

    a little stability will make a difference for my family. I pray for privacy for them—and for us all.  this is a world without money. The last I heard he was like a Jeff Goldbloom type spiritual. The guy just got Russian citizenship. Disagreeing with Ed is entering into a legal fiction debate. When J. Edgar Hoover initiated previously prohibited tactics, they were illegal. History regarded his overstep though as necessary, what the states truly needed to deal with immediate concerns. What offends me is that it is suppose to be above politics, a laundry list of bullshit to dissuade public opinion, only backed by an adversary brings to question purpose. If I have to be locked in a room with someone who owns a gun I am not really concerned if he knows my phone number but I could definitely see how that could develop into something worse.


  all of this is going under water, when it does it is going to pollute the ocean for a long time to come. The tall buildings also attract people to sinking real estate. If I cared about the long term interests of Florida, would want to dissuade people out of the area and prepare for rising sea levels with proper demolition.

Public Domain

  surreal I do not like the use of scarecrows everything is just going groovy right then apparently looks like the damn circus took over the waterways the atmosphere sounds like another world that you would have to wear a spacesuit for