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Kings'House blog suspended

 The age gate requires one to have a Google account, deleting the age gate makes a legal liability to me. I have to suspend the blog out of principle, Google requiring people to have accounts to prove "age" is unethical. Using 'age' as a reason to make people login to a Google account is slimy. I hope to maybe transfer the blog to the new website, we will have to see. Expect the new blog up probably September using Azure cloud. I will probably have to make a script to convert the blog into my format, this blog will forever stay up I am just changing the public server to continue it and bringing the old stuff to the new. The new blog I expect to be less political and more about language learning and technical things until Pirate Ship Wars becomes playable. I like to sincerely thank Google for hosting this kingshousexyz blogspot throughout, Barack Obama, the state of Florida constitution section 16 and Garry Newman for making me a gold member on Facepunch.

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