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Twilight Zone Filming Accident

(video in reference, graphic, not needed for read) During the filming of "The Twilight Zone" movie there was a combat scene bombing a Vietnamese village at night. The scene involves fire and explosions, one of the explosions burned a low flying helicopter. The helicopter lost its tail, upon crashing it slices through the actor, one of the children with the other being crushed under the metal frame that lets the helicopter stand. The video shows two of the actors silhouettes being sliced apart.

All four parents testified that they were never told that there would be helicopters or explosives on set, and they had been reassured that there would be no danger, only noise. Lee, who had survived the Vietnam War and immigrated with his wife to the United States, was horrified when the explosions began on the Vietnamese village set, bringing back memories of the war.

This is horribly unjust. Fantasizing mass violence, there objective is to bring them back to America. Those three actors never did leave California alive. It does not make sense. I did not see the movie yet but sending an American helicopter to bomb a village while simultaneously lifting children out of the village is definitely teetering on the edge of the abyss. Children portrayed in war never make the decisions I think that showing kids war, where they are just kind of stashed around by concerned liberals is not a great media. Media is meant to inspire.

Topsy the Elephant being electrocuted to prove the dangers of alternating current. Something that is missing from everyone's investigation of the filming accident is the moment the tail drops in the water is captured on film.


actors on left, you can see what I see as a heavy object dropped in the water on the right

you can not see the tail the fire visually distorts the camera but you can see the ripple move as consistent with it being it being the tail that dropped and not a special effects explosion. This is also the moment where the actor dropped one of the children, I think they are reacting to the helicopter losing control. The children were a burden that he could not reasonably respond to the helicopter crash in time with. This is also a short coming of technology, a lot of military vehicles are prone to metal fires. Any aerial vehicle meant to fly in contested air should be capable of withstanding high temperatures. I think it is equivalent to password algorithms becoming outdated with quantum computing,  everything that can get melted by a laser will get melted by a laser.


I found the 17 minute movie, they removed the scene. In the film they refer to Jews a bunch of times and say the Arabs wont let them, he says nigger a couple times and there is an obligatory upset black man at the bar everybody is involved. Notably after he is told to silence by the other table he keeps speaking the same way and he thinks it is ridiculous. As he walks out the past got changed as the present was projected. He got zoned

This is my favorite worst movie. The crazy part is the satire idea of cause and effect to the writer. So what the film is basically doing is they take what he just said, commenting on the Middle East incorrectly and saying nigger 10+ times and they are exaggerating his actions back at him. The first exaggeration is he takes them back to Nazi Germany where they fire bullets at you for sport while you teeter on the edge of a balcony. After losing balance the racist is taken to the KKK where he keeps getting called a nigger to which he replies "but I am a white man" I think he has a point but I have a native american brain gene talking so what do I know. The KKK members proceed to shoot shots into the river at him. Just like his racist statement at the bar. At the end of this he gets transported to Vietnam because the Vietnam war was a racial conflict in California.

He peeks out the bushes "hey I am American" and 8 people shoot continuously in a 360 for more that a couple seconds I think that would be like 5% of their ammunition. They cut the camera between looking at the soldier and the guy so you never see distance but a guy just throws a grenade directly on top of him so he gets transported back to Nazi Germany again.

As he is loaded onto the train with his other Jews he sees his friends at the bar he was just at.


In the original intended ending, Bill manages to redeem himself by rescuing two Vietnamese children, who time jump with him, not back to 1982/83, but back to Nazi Occupied France. The Kids are then taken by the Nazis to be executed, while Morrow is put on a train bound for a Concentration Camp - (some vimeo comment)

  Black Historian France Appointed As Education Minister

Ndiaye, born outside Paris to a Senegalese father and French mother, gained national prominence with his 2008 work “The Black Condition, an essay on a French minority.”

 I think they would rather get called a nigger than accept that doctrine, keep it 100. This implies that we are just like variables adjusted it is ultimately a way of looking at yourself that is pathetic. "Whiteness, an essay on American exceptionalism" oh something about race that is not in competition with white people.


what being half black means to the education minister in France.

I would call the black condition a series of social situations lived by black people in the past and also in the contemporary society in France whereby "these people" have endured racism and discrimination. 

wow! where did this guy learn to speak English what is he teaching again. My whiteness is an algorithm of every color in the rainbow, not just before my life but also in the contemporary society in France whereby "these people" have endured racism and discrimination.

UPDATE2: near top of reddit

this is the "murdered by words" section where I have seen them upvote Islamic death oaths about regional conflicts near Syria a few years back. The question is "how do you decide between good choices and bad choices" to which he does not even answer the question, and that religious people are now murdered. I can not use Reddit though because I told an autistic man complaining about how mothers over react when children accuse him of molesting them that he was disgusting. The word was 'faggot' anyone who disagrees with that child molester has to be real polite or you wont be able to communicate on all of Reddit. I am the one that gets banned for hate speech while child molesters flaunt their internet sovereignty on Reddit. while they tell Muslims to kill themselves in foreign countries they never visited.

edit!!: I want to point out that the sentence "because god told me to" ends in a preposition these niggers just throw out trigger words and have you fill in the blanks on their murder forum. Because god told you what?? It does not even fit into the question these dumb fucks

Friday, May 20, 2022

CNN Amanpour speaks with Taliban deputy leader REACTION

Why would you bring a woman for this interview? I would say the interpreter speaks primitively through the translation. Repeating non-opposition is not progress,  the choice of words lacks reassurances. Something as simple as setting goals and an optimism to reach them. This is a degradation of the West I do not think it is appropriate to bring a lady into a debate field entirely occupied by men. I think the promotion of self-education is an appropriate fall back. Schools do not exist without female teachers, a website with course schedules for teachers is what you want. I want to point out that education is not a debate, it is not someones word against another. In the United States there are programs to ensure that children do not fall behind academically, "no child left behind" I think that literacy is important. Afghanistan is a country suffering from isolationism, foreign language learning should be available from a young age. The state should have a website or app for children. They probably do not want to open Google accounts and get Android phones but who knows?? From my understanding there is an American internet, Russian and Chinese with all the other countries essentially grouping into one of those securities. What I am worried about in Afghanistan is the fact that if the Taliban launched an e-mail service, I do not think the citizens would feel safe communicating complaints about the government. When flaunting sovereignty it is very important to evaluate what it is that controls government. I would advocate that communication is involved in controlling government, an open discussion for people to feel connected. Until there is a domestic e-mail service with OpenID type authentication, a modified Android system to replace Google, a search engine, and an education hub I would not consider the government's responsibility on education to be completed.

Reacting to Reaction


millennial media always needs to show signs of ADHD.

Gumby and Spiderman it sounds like he is a tall character.

"when I listen to pimp a butterfly I feel that is a piece of literature" closed

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Twitter On The End Of Censorship

 "For the purposes of this policy, we define crises as situations in which there is a widespread threat to life, physical safety, health, or basic subsistence,"

do these people realize we are going to end up dying? Old age is a pretty widespread threat to life, are we going to censor speech until I make more payments to St Judge like the commercials are telling me??

"This definition is consistent with the United Nations’ definition of a humanitarian crisis and other humanitarian assessments." whatever nigger I can play hallway monitor on my own website

Game Engine Decision

 I think I made a conclusion. Fyrox is an upcoming game engine for Rust. My development environment is basically going to take a 4x3 game, put it on a 16x9 display, and the additional width is going to be Helix editor or game console. The physics engine is an oddity to me, there are Rapier, Nphysics, Salva and they are all derived from the same thing or something I am not sure Salva looks like it might work in Fyrox I need the fluid simulation. I want to add snow to Winter Survival, my initial idea is to make an additional height map based off the terrain that can be changed programmatically and the game renders it on top, walking would lower the snow level depending on the type of snow or whatever, I would have to calculate the ground on the physics engine to be between the snow and the actual ground. If you have not seen a terrain height map for video games before it is basically an image that is darkened or lightened to signify elevation. If a car drives over the snow I can paint over the height map image that is then rendered by the computer.

This is a picture of tire tracks in some snow. I think the height map would also need a bump map to replicate? You would want ambient occlusion on by default. The game engine is still early in development, I am thinking of contributing to the 'rusty shooter' project.

Justin Amash Siding With Saddam Hussein


This was a candidate for president who calls the invasion of Iraq 'wholly unjustified' implying that he has no commitment to foreign commitments abroad, or responding to active terrorist threats against the United States. Is this how you want to take on our national security? The Libertarian party is incapable of being elected because of their immaturity on this issue. I refer to it as immaturity because of the people who perpetrate it's ignorance but at the top Justin Amash is a disgusting deceiver, a coward, and someone who would surrender American sovereignty to enemies abroad given the opportunity. His tweet before this he writes "The Defense Production Act is indefensible even when used for defense." in reference to baby formula being made by the government. He just does not want government to work it is more of a trolling status where you blame other people for not being as idealistic as you.

Notice how he says nothing about himself Elon is just suppose to throw cash at him for human cooperation which comes from freedom. I do not know how that translates into economics, he does not either but hopefully I can take over the Libertarian party and do whatever I want

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fast Food Industry

  • Ultra Premium Steak Loaf with  avocado, tomato, onion, celery, and a pickle
  • #17 at KFC the potato chicken bowl I think it is the #3 now
  • crispy chicken snack wraps
  • chicken tenders
  • salmon herb crusted
Cutting salmon you are not going to get the same weight every time but a similar weight, I think it would be better to give them a dynamically generated market value margin, so they would expect to pay within a 3 dollar margin depending on how big the fish is they pay that amount. Phone orders pay max with the profit added to the tip automatically.


  • sticky rice
  • noodles
  • mashed potatoes
  • bread and garlic in oil
  • bread mixed with injera Ethiopian style
  • generic gatorade, almost clear but orange tint
  • limeade
  • strawberry almond milk
  • chocolate almond milk
  • almond milk
there is a brand of almond milk I tried it is kind of expensive it has 5x as much almonds as typical almondmilk Elmswurth or something like that. Maybe 3x as many almonds as typical almond milk. I am not a big fan of orange juice's low shelf life, by the time it is in the grocery store there is significant preservatives, the Florida orange market is effected by climate change as Florida dips below freezing the orange trees have to be replanted. I think limes are a better citrus than lemons or oranges.

  • chicken
  • cows
  • salmons
  • rice
  • flour
  • potato
  • bread
  • garlic
  • gatorade
  • limes
  • almonds
  • avocados
  • tomato
  • onion
  • celery
  • pickle
Theoretically a web based interactive map with quality of supplies alongside prices, I really want to compute the best location for like a food tourist head quarters. All this and sushi. When McDonalds first started they had people come out to serve you, a robot with a touchscreen that extends to your car window should deliver the food as well. I think you circle the kitchen with parking and also have a screened and roofed outdoor dining area, when you open the door it should blow air out to keep the flies away. Some sort of food transport system to the dining, I think robots on rails that go along tall ceilings should deliver the food.

(edited 5/19/22)

Twilight Zone Filming Accident

(video in reference, graphic, not needed for read) During the filming of "The Twilight Zone" movie there was a combat scene bombin...